Launching your own digital web or software development or marketing agency is bringing all your years of hard work to full fruition. Busy as you are, however, you may find yourself struggling to get a handle on everything.

Data from a joint research undertaken by Wells Fargo and Gallup revealed that today’s small business owner works 52 hours and at least six days per week on average. Some even work for seven days. Working long hours can take its toll on your health, especially if you have too many things on your plate. It’s okay to call for back-up—you’d be surprised at how it can save you a lot of money, not to mention precious time that you can use to expand your business or spend with your family.

Here’s how a white label solution provider like us can help: In the early stages of your business, we can provide you professional insight on how to build your portfolio to boost your revenue stream. We can develop a white label product or service for you and that you can rebrand to offer under your name. A fledgling business like yours can largely benefit from this service, mainly because you don’t need to invest in technology or infrastructure when we create your custom offerings.

In the digital realm, a white label product or service comes in the form of a search engine optimization or social media marketing campaign, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, branding and design, and mobile app development or responsive website design. We specialize in the last two. In the past, for instance, we’ve assisted companies to develop educational apps and flight planning apps.

We place emphasis on mobile app and responsive website programming because these two were the latest game changers in the way people do business online. In fact, tech savvy businesses nowadays are creating websites and apps that are “mobile-first” rather than tailoring them for desktop usage. This actually makes sense as recent data showed that majority of digital media consumption is being done on mobile browsers and apps. In the United States, for example, data from Comscore revealed that mobile usage accounts for 60 percent of the time spent by adults online. Mobile usage also accounts for a huge percentage of how people spend their “me time.”

To implement the services we mentioned above, our project managers use agile methodologies, or those that focus on streamlining the collaboration process among teams within the stages of software development company in Ukraine. It’s a little bit technical, but in essence, these methodologies involve a meticulous revisiting of each development requirements to make sure that costs are reduced and errors are minimized.

Like what we’ve said in our Solutions page, we know that you have great ideas—and it is our role to help you materialize them. Drop us a line to know more about our wide spectrum of solutions.