Last weekend, our developers entered one of the largest rooms in the conference center at 12:50. The main event was about to commence. They had two very compelling reasons to be there: drones and cookies.

This cool event in our native city was a presentation of the brand-new DJI quadcopter Phantom 3 and other DJI models followed by questions from the audience, cakes, goodies and prize drawings. The most exciting one was a 30% discount for the Phanton 3 model.

Next was the piloting control workshop that started on the stadium field. There were four quadcopters available and everybody had more than 1.5 minutes to pilot one of them. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Commentary from our brave guys:

1. Regarding the products presented: The quadcopters have a broad target audience: those seeking entertainment during leisure time while flying and filming. This is why the most popular Phantom Series has a relatively short flight time (up to 25 minutes) and the most user-friendly interface possible: automated take-off and landing, a system to prevent airborne battery discharge, GPS-based position retention and other features. The camera saves video on the quadcopter’s memory card while the user’s Android/iOS device receives a preview and all flight information. There is also an option for Phantom 3 to stream live on a YouTube channel.

Another popular model is Inspire 1. It resembles Phantom, but also has a second remote controller for the camera control and folding landing gear so it does not obscure filming.

The managers also talked about flying platforms which can carry up to 11 kg. As far as I understand, their aim is to lift heavy reflex cameras but all their other characteristics are quite similar. Certainly, this drone series has the most advanced flight computers with the ability to work out their own flight modes.

2. As for the drone apps development: There is a relevant SDK for all drone models. Because the event was a drone presentation and not a hack day, I did not have a chance to try drone software development.


DJI drones are really suited to custom drone app development and their affordable price makes them popular all over the world.