We keep hearing the question “which development tool is the most relevant?” Each developer can make dozens of arguments as to why his favorite framework/programming language is the best and receive dozens of replies to the contrary.

Certainly, Xamarin is not the solution for all possible cases. However, there is no such thing as a perfect solution. Xamarin has its advantages which are solid enough and we suggest that our clients start development using this framework.

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Below, we would like to discuss the reasons why both our mobile and .NET departments benefit from Xamarin. Although it is not the solution for all types of projects, app owners have various reasons to choose among several options (read about mobile development options in our blog post Mobile Applications: Native, Html5 or Hybrid).

1 Reuse the most code base which is written with C#. This programming language is No. 5 in the list of the popular programming languages according to stackoverflow.com. This means that Xamarin suits the most community members, as it does not require much time to learn new skills. This allows developers with knowledge of C# to target all the main platforms. Moreover, we can use Razor Templates to utilize the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code from the existing MVC views for the mobile hybrid apps.
Besides, Xamarin supports .NET technologies and is compatible with Microsoft products, so it is not a problem to install and tune the framework (and save time on installing the Xamarin framework and refining all dependencies).

2Native libraries are available, thus saving development time. Xamarin also makes it possible to reuse project architecture on several platforms (together with the reuse of code) and grants project scalability. This feature is crucial in cases when you want to strengthen your product’s place on the market before competitors do. In order to do this, you want to get to the market as soon as possible but you also want to grow in the future using the existing solutions. Moreover, Xamarin.Forms allows for quick prototyping, thus simplifying the work on this concept.

3Xamarin provides native-like user experience (UX). The apps built using Xamarin function almost as fast as native apps because this framework does not create an extra layer but works directly with native libraries, software development kits (SDKs), and components of the native user interface (UI). With its help, we can create a customizable, native look and provide native-like performance for each of the platforms you target.

4Developers have access to hardware components such as a camera, accelerometer, and flashlight, so there is no chance that your app will crash because it cannot access a specific smartphone component. Besides, you can publish your cross-platform app across all official app stores.


5In addition, Xamarin supports up-to-date technologies like social media integration, video and audio streaming, beacons, wearables, and so on. This is important for indoor navigation apps, as customers in a shopping mall use smartphones with all possible operating systems (OSs). Cross-platform development can be a solution for this case.


Let’s summarize. The Xamarin framework makes it possible to cut development time and costs by using C#-based code and also avoids a decrease in quality. Furthermore, your mobile apps will provide a native-like UX, allowing your business to be present in any app store you choose. Xamarin development is scalable and supports all modern technologies.
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