Last week, November 21-25, 2016, one of the leading drone manufacturers, Airobotics, announced its launch of a new software platform for developers. This platform provides more opportunities for third-party developers and designers to integrate their work with the company’s solutions for automatic aerial data collection.

Airobotics expects this developer platform will revolutionize the way drones are used in different industries. The platform allows quick and easy creations of drone missions for large industrial facilities like mines, oil-and-gas stations, seaports—actually, any facility where surveying and mapping, inspection and security/emergency control might be needed. The platform allows programming completely automated and unmanned drone missions, including drone self-launch and landing, replacing batteries and payloads.

The Airobotics company founder thinks the software platform could be the base for the next generation of smart factories and facilities adopting industrial IoT.

In parallel, Airobotics is opening an App Store geared for outside developers in which applications created based on the Airobotics platform may be presented.