At the WWDC 2017, Apple Inc. introduced its AR development framework for their ecosystem.

Apple expects its new tool, ARKit, to provide AR developers with advanced capabilities creating complex UX on its iOS platform.

ARKit framework will support major AR engines, third-party frameworks, and vision APIs. It will not just overlay 3D models: it will make them look a part of the world and respond like physical objects—you can even move them around on your screen.

With this announcement, Apple enters the competition, pitting itself against tech giants Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Snapchat. As a hardware manufacturer, Apple is going to make AR available across their whole ecosystem. Apple anticipates huge popularity of its platform because of its global range of iOS devices and the best AR UX. However,

ARKit will be a part of iOS 11. Also, it is available for all developers worldwide to start working on iPhone AR apps right now.

Sources: The Verge, zdnet