Modern economy relies more and more on smart systems making cybersecurity one of the most important challenges. Internet of Things (IoT), one of the most crucial components of our digital economy, must be secure against disruptive cyber-attacks.

To make this happen, ICSA Labs and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) announced their testing programs for IoT where both software and hardware are a completely new concept to help build innovative, secure solutions. Using a newly created set of standards, these programs are available for manufacturers, buyers and end users (e.g., those who create an IoT-based supply chain).

These labs are going to test the following components to ensure they have established enough protection:

  •  alert/logging
  •  cryptography
  •  authentication
  •  communications
  •  physical security
  •  platform security

Laboratories offer an annual testing agreement. The price varies heavily based on a wide range of organizations’ needs because the labs evaluate everything, from video cameras to alarm systems.

When vendors fix all vulnerabilities and security issues found, they get a certificate. Certainly, certification programs are not a silver bullet. Security level also depends on the whole IoT ecosystem a company uses. However, this is a decent start which fully conforms fully with Cybersecurity National Action Plan set up by the US President’s Administration.