We are extremely excited to host an interview with our customer, Chris Scheid, the co-founder from Integrated Transportation Management.

Chris discusses his experience working with an outsourcing software development company in Ukraine. He describes the decision-making process and successful working relationship, including:

  • Research and selection criteria
  • Selection process for an outsourcing destination
  • Interview process for a software development company
  • Time difference and communication with remote development team
  • Reasons for cooperation with IT Craft
  • Requirement, estimates, and meeting deadlines
  • Concerns and opportunities from outsourcing startup software development to Ukraine

The in-sync cooperation of product managers, developers, QAs and designers resulted in a piece of software fully meeting our customer’s expectations—an achievement only possible when everyone worked hard to achieve the result.

Also, everyone enjoyed working together with Chris and his team.

We would like to thank Chris, and wish him and his company much success with their solutions.

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