May 29, 2017, was the final day of IT Craft’s spring internal web development hackathon session. As before, the challenges fell on the able shoulders of individuals.

Adhering to the same timeline and scope, organizers upped the ante by giving new directions and encouraging every individual involved to use new tools in each category:

  • Business Analysis – sequence diagram
  • Graphical Design – Sketch app for iOS design
  • HTML / CSS – CSS Grid Layout
  • iOS – Appcelerator Titanium Mobile
  • PHP – dependency injection + Laravel 5.4
  • Quality Assurance – security testing

Upon completing the tasks, presentations and discussions followed to ensure top notch exchange of ideas and experiences.

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This hackathon spring session is over. We can summarize the results: success! Each of three rounds proved successful because team members gained and shared new experiences. Some tasks proved challenging, added to which were time constraints: all participants were challenged to “think on their feet.”

But the goal was reached: everyone discovered new tools and quickly evaluated their benefits and drawbacks.

Now we are looking forward to our summer hackathon: instead of having to face new technologies individually, teamwork will be its main objective.