We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year[


The year 2015 has been fruitful for everyone who’s been working hard and the whole IT industry did work hard.

There were big (like the release of Windows 10) and little (like the medieval warships spotted from the drones) improvements almost every day.

There were also big plans like the first droneport for Africa, loud announcements like new Apple products, and success stories like the world’s tiniest drone ready for shipment.

This success was hardly possible without tight cooperation between IT companies and various industries but in the first line without the cooperation between people from all over the world who were ready to share their knowledge and give a helping hand when someone struggled.

Now it is time to draw a finish line and enjoy happy holidays within the family circle. This is what we all deserve.

Thank you all for staying together all this year and merry Christmas!