Member Jets, a startup from Overland Park, KS, used the power of crowdsourcing to create a platform that allows cutting costs for charter flights.

At the core of this service is an aviation community that connects private jet operators with travelers.

The target audience? Businesses that want to cut down on traveling time. Prospective travelers buy a service membership and create profiles then search for available seats on registered charter flights, book and buy them, or even share an aircraft with community members.

The prices for a trip are higher than for a regular commercial flight but much cheaper than chartering a whole airplane. The decisive factor, however, is that Member Jets service drastically cuts traveling time. Charter flight passengers skip tedious, time-wasting lines and go directly to their desired point (the flight from Kansas City to Austin takes approx. 1 hour 40 minutes). Time saved is often more important for businesses than the ticket price.

The startup’s next plans include expansion from their homeland Kansas City to Atlanta and Denver.