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There is simply no excuse
not to go digital!

Some of the successes the rise of web and mobile technologies has made possible:

  • World's largest taxi company owns no vehicles
  • Most valuable retailer has no inventory
  • World's largest accommodation provider owns no real estate.

They own the technology and constantly innovate.
To digitise or not to digitise? That is NOT the question.
Better: why? what? and when? to digitise.


IT Craft will help you
digitise your customer experience.

A picture is worth a thousand words. An interactive mobile, web or desktop application is worth a thousand pictures. Offer your customers:

  • Augmented reality applications – let your clients place your products directly into their real environment. Engage with your clients, your sales will explode.
  • Custom visualisation solutions – support the purchasing decisions of consumers. Convince your clients.
  • Planning systems and configurators – what you see is what you get. Let your clients create 3D plans of floors and apartments, combine different elements of interior design and walk through them virtually. Support your clients.
  • Explanation videos – explain anything. Your potential clients probably prefer watching a video instead of reading a 500-word article. Meet their expectations, help them understand your products.


Custom software solutions for manufacturers of furniture and accessories

Augmented reality for furniture

Augmented reality for furniture

This AR solution for furniture can be implemented as a native mobile app. User chooses a piece of furniture from the company catalog, places the catalog where the furniture will stand and sees its real dimensions on a smartphone/tablet screen using the catalog as a marker.

Visualization software

Visualization software

Visualization software can be implemented as a single page Web app on your website or a separate mobile app.

The app contains models of different furniture from the company catalog and changeable template rooms. When the user clicks on an image of a table, the app downloads it and lets the user view it from all possible angles and place it in a room to see how much space it needs.

Furniture planner / configurator

Furniture planner / configurator

Furniture planner / configurator can be developed as a custom service based on the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle and implemented as a separate page on your website. It will not affect your website, providing maximum scalability and convenience for your customers.

Users construct furniture of a certain shape, color and size. Alternatively, they can choose one from a template collection and start modifying it. With every change, the service calculates costs. When users are ready, they save the results and get them via email. The sales manager gets a copy.

Business process automation

Business process automation

Digitalize your workflow to save your managers from odd work with a CRM-based or a custom solution. It can ease almost every routine task, starting from data collection through invoicing to automated reports on sales rates helping managers do their work better.

Explanation Videos

Explanation Videos

Use an explanation video to everything using videos. When your potential clients want to watch a video instead of reading long articles, just let them do this. Increase their trust explaining them what benefits they get from your product.

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