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Which technology should I use to build the website (web application)”? The choice may be a tough one for a customer who is new to the world of technology. The thing is, the pros and cons of each of the existing platforms are not obvious to regular users, and the technological variety often looks confusing to them.

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.NET Development: Cases When You Should Go For It

All of the present-day technological platforms support 60-80% similar functionality. That is why, if you opt for the dev platform for a simple system, the main reason is operating cost. However, if you look for a complex solution that will operate on different devices or integrate or help you port any data to other systems, etc., the .NET development will give you an extra advantage. Microsoft delivers its dev environment within all possible markets while offering possibilities to use similar (or identical) solutions for systems that have diverse compositions and will operate under different conditions.

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Our .NET Development Expertise


  • Xamarin for cross-platform mobile development;

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for desktop applications development;


  • ASP.NET MVC for web applications and/or web services development. If you choose to hire developer and entrust him or her with an important mission, it is possible to host the developed systems with the help of following platforms:

  • – Shared server;
    – Dedicated server;
    – Server farm of physical servers;
    – Azure cloud;
    – Private cloud;
    – Hybrid cloud.

Share Point

  • Share Point product family for workflow system development or collaborative software for SMBs;

In other words, the .NET use can be beneficial, if:

  • You need to integrate your solution with Microsoft products (e.g., MS Office family, Exchange mail server et al). For this purpose, the .NET provides seamless integration with all Microsoft software.
  • The application is designed to work on different devices. In this case, you can reuse both code base and implemented logic libraries.
  • An existing app is required to work on other platforms/device types.
  • The .NET platform contains options for a cloud-based system development. Possible solutions include a cluster of physical or virtual servers (e.g., Amazon Web Services), a cloud-only platform, Microsoft Azure or a hybrid solution.
  • Microsoft announced that the new .NET environment will be cross-platform. It will make possible developing apps for Linux and Mac OS.
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Next steps will help you to hire our dot net development company:

  • Specify the scope of work. You need to understand how many team members you need as well as the required timeline for the job completion.
  • Determine which skills your team must have. You also need to understand what kind of experience and what level of expertise is required.
  • Get a quote from your .NET development company based on the details you provide.

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