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Outsourcing .NET development services

.NET development outsourcing at IT Craft ranges from a small team of 5 to a powerhouse team of 56 expert engineers working simultaneously. We cover all aspects needed to develop, deliver, upgrade, and optimize client software.

  • Microsoft Azure services

    Divide a monolithic app into modules and transmit modules step by step into the cloud for scalability and improved stability. Clients pay less for cloud hosting than for in-house servers.

  • Mobile app development

    Use cross-platform tools to offer a great user experience and fast performance on all major platforms.

  • Software modernization

    Rearchitect and redesign old, deteriorated software also adding new features and providing infrastructure updates.

  • .NET maintenance and optimization

    Establish and use a monitoring system to eliminate downtimes and/or losses. Provide constant improvements to system performance and user experience.

  • QA and testing

    Cover the entire code base with tests to eliminate bugs. Prepare Web or mobile service for constantly increasing user load.

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Domain expertise

  • SaaS
  • Embedded development
  • Mobile apps
  • Cloud solutions
  • API
  • MVP
  • Database architecture
  • Product extension
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare and medical
  • eCommerce platforms
  • ERP software
  • Information management systems
  • Sports and fitness software
  • Mapping solutions
  • Social networking platforms
  • CRM software


Clients who outsource .NET development to IT Craft developers always count on exceptional services. Here are three success stories of working on tech implementation of business goals.

Web platform

This US startup wanted a management system for less-than-truck shipments. The team built the required system from scratch helping the client meet the deadline and win new users.
The same team worked on feature expansion and cloud migration to serve the client’s increasing user base.

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Web platform

One of IT Craft’s longest-standing clients, this US-based startup wanted to outsource ASP.NET development for its secure medical correspondence system. The team provided a comprehensive report and offered the best implementation path. It worked on multiple iterations to help the client replace paper-based workflow in several clinics.

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Web platform

One of largest NYC retailers, Adorama has several retail businesses for which it uses a custom-built ecommerce platform. The company wanted to outsource ASP.NET development to support its in-house team. IT Craft developers focused on software development, testing, and optimization. Among other things, the IT Craft team helped manage catalogs and prepare for the holiday seasons.

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Why IT Craft?

Simply put, outsourcing .NET development is one of our key competencies where IT Craft developers have accumulated extensive experience.

Definitely, there is more.

  • Full-cycle services

    The team works on all project components, from analysis through architecture to upgrades. We add and integrate any required technology.

  • Agile

    IT Craft developers deliver tech solutions for clients’ business goals. We adapt our source code when those change.

  • Low retention rates

    Our lead developers have worked at IT Craft for 5+ years. Team squads remain stable and integrated on outsourcing .NET development projects.

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Cooperation models

Clients’ needs for .NET development outsourcing vary. This is why IT Craft has adopted different engagement models to provide the best services for the price.

Choose the one that suits you best:

  • Fixed-price project
    Works best for a project with clear requirements.
    Clients pay for preliminary agreed scope of work.
  • Time and material

    Works best for a project with changing or inexact requirements and for large projects.

    Clients pay for hours developers spend on their project.
  • SLA (Service-Level Agreement)

    Select for maintenance. The client and vendor agree on certain metrics that determine expected level of services.

    Clients pay monthly for provided services.
  • Team augmentation

    An outsourcing .NET development team works closely with an in-house team delivering a part of the system.

    Clients pay for hours developers spend on the project.

Four steps to outsource dot NET development:

  • Discover project
  • Estimate scope of work
    and prepare a plan
  • Assign a team of
  • Kick off development



Diligent project management has kept development on target despite significant team composition fluctuations and changes to the original scope.

Co-Founder, Transportation Management Software, USA

I think I can summarize this with two points. Point number one, they take every single project with a beginner's mind… My second point is that they are realistic.

CTO, Media Retailer, USA

IT Craft met expectations with their consistently fair cost estimates, technical expertise, and stellar communication methods.

Founder & President, Health Care Startup, USA


  • 1 How do I outsource .NET development?

    Use the following steps to outsource ASP.NET development:

    1) Determine your expectations from a company (pricing, destination, average projects and ratings, etc.).

    2) Search through company directories (Clutch, Goodfirms, Techreviewer).

    3) Shortlist five to ten companies.

    4) Make a list of your requirements.

    5) Send your requirements and discuss your project with selected companies.

    6) Choose one that offers you the best plan.

  • 2 What is .NET development?

    NET is an open-source framework which was initially designed by Microsoft as an alternative to Java. Now .NET Foundation supports and develops the entire .NET ecosystem.

    NET is a cross-platform technology covering different use cases in web, mobile, internal desktop solutions, and more.

  • 3 What is .NET development used for?

    .NET is suited for:

    • Website development
    • Web apps, including SPAs
    • Cross-platform mobile apps
    • Desktop apps
    • SaaS and cloud solutions
    • Enterprise-level solutions
    • Microservices development
    • Game development
    • Embedded development
  • 4 What is .NET technology?

    .NET is an open-source development platform for multiple application types. Developers can produce software that runs across major platforms using C#, F#, or Visual Basic. NuGet is available to extend software functionality with ready-made packages.

  • 5 What is .NET Core development?

    .NET Core was initially released to deliver cross-platform applications. It was also used to build cloud apps or divide large, enterprise-level solutions into microservices.

    However, there is no specific division in the latest .NET releases. The entire .NET technology is cross-platform.