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Custom Mapping Services

Use custom mapping services to elevate, promote, and differentiate your services among end users. Turn available location data into your competitive edge.


Custom mapping software services

At IT Craft, you get consulting, auditing, and development needed to get your project up and running. Our custom mapping services include but are not limited to:

  • Custom mapping

    Сustomizing maps, creating custom map layers, drawing custom objects on the map layer.

  • Data collection and processing

    Сollecting location data and visualizing it on the map (including statistics).

  • Real-time positioning

    Positioning, checking functions acting with the help of GPS, Wi-Fi networks, 3G networks, 4G LTE, 5G, etc.

  • System integration

    Integration with 3rd-party applications and client’s software (social networks, enterprise applications, web services, etc.).

  • Custom app development

    Expansion solution to any modern platform: web, mobile, wearable.

  • Routing and navigation

    Route generation and planning, navigation, and tracking.


  • For organizations

    Find the way to integrate and coordinate work on the road with the others.

  • For private use

    Plan next route, track location, and share adventures easily.

  • For service providers

    Create a new business or improve current one based on proven spatial technologies.

  • For enterprises

    Provide field staff with a comfortable tool to communicate with each other and respond immediately.

Industry-specific mapping software solutions

Smart mapping solutions that work best for your industry:

  • Fleet management

    Track vehicle progress in real time and share positioning information with customers for improved services.

  • On-demand solutions

    Let users contact service providers and receive services when and where needed.

  • Agriculture

    Include mapping technology as a part of your automation program.

  • Real estate

    Decrease planning time; find land, houses, or apartments that fit in with specific requirements.

  • Logistics and transportation

    Plan, schedule, and optimize deliveries; forecast and optimize loads.

  • Augmented Reality

    Launch a location-based AR app to turn a location to a point of interest by tourists or active gamers and direct users to it.

  • Retail

    Improve store marketing; make data-based decisions when considering a new location.

  • Indoor positioning

    Monitor and control user location inside and outside a facility; help receive timely help in a critical situation.

Do you want a custom app tailored to your specific needs?

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Custom mapping solutions to solve business challenges

Take your business to the next level. Collect data and turn it into relevant information to revamp both your and your customer’s routine.
Custom mapping services let you overcome challenges:

  • Planning and monitoring

    autogenerate, plot, and track routes.

  • Adjustment to user needs

    create custom map layers and draw custom objects.

  • Offline mode for constant availability

    save essential map details to ensure instant accessibility.

  • Automation at scale

    track, collect, and process data automatically.

  • Data exchange and transmission

    setup data exchange with external systems.

  • Constant process optimization

    collect and analyze data to discover recurring patterns.


IT Craft developers have designed, developed, and delivered custom mapping solutions meeting clients’ finest requirements. Here are three of delivered projects:

Web platform

The client, a startup, envisaged a solution that autogenerates a flight route and autocompletes a valid flight plan within seconds.
The team launched an MVP and quickly expanded it to mobile iOS and Android apps.
Software integrates various information from third-party resources and provides pilots with all needed reference information at hand, from landing schemes to flight history.

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Web platform

An online route planner that grew rapidly in popularity thanks to a dedicated community. ViewRanger allows users to create and store their own routes—as well as to use predefined ones—get directions and save info, view routes and data from other users, and much more.
Mobile app automatically synchronizes with the web system and uses APIs from several custom map providers to ensure the app’s seamless functioning.

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Web platform

The client wanted a team that could take over, improve, and complete his laundry CRM system. The team completed required functionality on time with high-quality source code.
The CRM automated order processing while taking into account a customer’s location and service availability. Mapping is an essential part of the system.
The team also developed and launched a GPS tracking app for drivers to ensure the most efficient routes and schedules.

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What makes IT Craft a reliable partner for mapping software solutions?

This is how IT Craft supports long-term business strategy of its clients:

  • Expertise

    IT Craft developers have accumulated extensive experience making stand-alone smart mapping solutions and integrating mapping modules into apps.

  • Wide skillset

    Our developers select and implement best technologies for your mapping software solution, both open-source and proprietary.

  • Immediate start

    300+ highly skilled engineers work at IT Craft. We find and assign a team capable of taking over software development without delay.

  • Adherence to Agile

    Our developers quickly handle high-level and changing requirements to help you keep pace with your business needs.


Here are some of our clients’ testimonials talking about quality of providing services:


They’re tremendous at documenting progress and follow through. Their diligence gives me more freedom to run my business.

Founder, MyCarrier, Arizona

IT Craft is honest and straightforward. They’re a good partner to work with.

Founder, eLaundry, NYC

IT Craft was distinguished by their wonderful sincerity, professionalism, attitude, punctuality, and effective commutation.

Founder, Smart Navigation Systems, UAE