How does it work for manufacturers?
Repetitive tasks bring tedium to your life and prevent you from focusing on growing your business. Enter: Constructor, the wardrobe planner. Constructor drastically reduces routine work from making an initial contact to placing a cabinetry order. This wardrobe planner can be used for designing any type of storage: free standing wardrobes, shelving units, bookcases, fitted wardrobes, cabinets, drawer units or any other cabinetry.
1Makes initial contact with customer

Discusses customer’s requirements and helps guide customer to place an order.

2Gives a tour of your service range

Shows a variety of available materials, interior organizers, furniture types and sizes.

3Estimates an approximate price

Ensures that each customer’s price expectations meet the real cost of your work.

4Helps automate modeling

Guides customer to make 3D model to use as design plan for further processing.

5Embeds easily

No changes to your website required; Constructor is ready to be embedded.

6Free for all furniture makers

No charges applied; we only need your feedback on using our constructor.

Benefits for your customers
Software Development Company

Design bespoke furniture on home PC without being tech savvy

Software Development Company

Test different ideas and different color schemes

Software Development Company

Get preliminary price calculated on the fly

Software Development Company

Visualize the end product and get the result as a PDF file


User-friendly and intuitive constructor helps with building bespoke furniture within company catalogues and gives required width, height, depth and interior organizers. Our wardrobe planner both visualizes the created bespoke furniture and gives preliminary pricing. Created project can be saved as 3D model or exported in PDF.

This furniture constructor has been developed as a customizable service based on the WYSIWYG principle to be set up as a separate page on your website.

Our constructor has no affect on your website’s main functionality. And, it provides maximum scalability and convenience for your customers.


This is what you need to do:
  • Contact us
  • Explore possibilities for your business
  • Embed our Constructor—complimentary assistance provided, if requested
  • Enjoy the result
Based on cutting-edge technologies:
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • Three.js

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