Magento is considered to be one of the best yet trendy ecommerce development platforms at the moment. It’s a feature rich ecommerce platform with a plenty of functionalities.

Magento Advantages

1. Magento is open source.

Magento uses open source technologies and programming languages and is based on the powerful Zend Framework. For the store owner it means the modifying flexibility or expanding the platform any way he desires. Certainly, you should have good Magento developers to work with.

2. Magento has a large community of users, developers, and service providers worldwide.

That community is constantly growing. Due to platform evolutions there are innumerable Magento Templates, extensions, modules and widgets available out there, both commercial and free.

3. Magento is a feature rich Ecommerce platform.

Magento has a built-in set of features peculiar to a high-class Ecommerce website, including advanced promotion and marketing tools. Magento can easily be integrated with 3rd party services such as Google Analytics, Google Base, Google Checkout, Google Website Optimizer, a variety of payment processing services (including Paypal Express, Paypal Standard and Paypal Website Payments Pro) and much more!

4. Magento is able to install additional modules for your online-store automatically.

All you need is the extension’s key and the script will install it for you in just a few clicks. A multitude of modules can be found in open access, for example, at Besides, they can be additionally developed due to the customer’s requirements.

What are disadvantages of Magento?

1. Magento is a complex and knotty platform.

Magento is a system that is not easy to handle with. It applies cutting-edge web programming technologies based on the MVC approach. Therefore, Magento proper customization will take much more time for a good developer in comparison to open source platforms. That requires an appropriate budget if you choose Magento to work with or the job will remain poorly done.

2. Good Magento developers are rare.

The reason why good Magento developers are rare is quite simple. It is hard to find a team with good Magento developers and designers under one roof. For design and programming require completely different set of skills.

3. Magento requires a very good hosting environment and store management.

Magento needs a proper hosting environment and setup, otherwise the customers are going to complain about its speed performance. The hosting environment must be very good and properly adjusted. It means that you have to pay for a good server and for a good team to setup your server and manage it. Different kinds of cache configurations may essentially speed-up the Magento-based website, but for such configurations you will need a development team with appropriate experience.

And now let’s compare Magento Community Edition with Magento Enterprise

Magento Community Edition is more likely to meet the needs of newly started online-shops, it is created for those who want to have basic functionality allowing to manage the sales and receive profit.
Magento Enterprise Edition is created for large online-portals with a plenty of adjustments and a lot of customers, administrators, partners.

To determine the best one to fit to your business, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration:


Magento Community Edition:
Community Edition is free, you will only need to rent a web server for hosting. It is open source and you can alter the design and make customizations to meet your requirements by hiring proper developers.

Magento Enterprise Edition:
Enterprise Edition is a premium Magento edition with a recurring annual license fee. The price includes advanced features and gold level technical support at any time. But you will also need to rent a web server for hosting and hire resources to design it. It is open source like Community Edition and ensures unlimited scope for customization.

Magento Security Patches

Magento Community Edition:
Community Edition does not have payment bridges, but there are other means to achieve PCI compliance. And good Magento developers can perform such customization.

Magento Enterprise Edition:
Enterprise Edition complies PCI requirements and includes a PA-DSS payment bridge to ensure secure payment in accordance with the industry security standards.


Magento Community Edition:
Community condition is pretty fast. Huge data volumes may cause the system slowdown to some extent, but corresponding optimizations can solve the problem. For instance, incorporating a FPC system or Varnish page-cache will accelerate performance doubly. You can also achieve the desired performance implementing enhancing extensions like Nitrogento or Light speed.

Magento Enterprise Edition:
Enterprise edition is faster than Community Edition and comes with FPC system. Similar configuration alterations and extension setup to improve the performance are available, too.

Magento Community Edition: 
In terms of functionality the Community Edition can scarcely compete against Enterprise Edition. But due to countless available Magento extensions it can be properly equipped with custom modules that allow to improve the functionality significantly.

Magento Enterprise Edition:
Enterprise Edition comprises some great features lacking in Community Edition, but those features can be achieved through extensions as well. Some of the extra features available in this edition are: loyalty system, private sales, gift registry, reward points etc.

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The estimate below represents core features for a website with basic (minimum) functionality. The estimate depends very much on your requirements and list of features. If you want to extend simple functionality, just compile a list and ask us to give you an estimate based specifically on all your needs.

Summarizing  all the above mentioned we should admit that the customer can upgrade the Community Edition up to the Enterprise Edition due to numerous Magento extensions.

If you set up the system on the cluster of servers and adjust proper extensions, you can achieve the functionality of the Enterprise Edition. You will get Magento meeting all your business requirements, and the cost of such modifications will be considerably less than you would have paid for the Enterprise Edition.

The extensions developed by Magento staff are more expensive than those of small companies specializing at Magento-platform. Some developers are able to create necessary extensions from scratch and customize the Community Edition in such efficient way that large-sized business companies can get the perfect solution for less money.

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