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Crazy Slots is an amazing Facebook application
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Developed by a dedicated team
Crazy Slots is an amazing Facebook application. It contains many social features that are specific to casino applications – Lobby for games, Daily Lottery, Leaderboard, User Profile, Gifts, Badges, Mystery Bonus, Shop for purchasing additional items. The application is integrated with Facebook credits and Kontagenta statistics system.

Installing the game, players receive some start coins budget to play. Initially they have 1st Level and 1 game open on this level. As they move to higher levels they unlock other games. Users can also pay an additional fee to access more games. Daily rewards correlate with the number of user friends. Users can invite friends to increase their daily reward of coins.
There are a lot of different games presented in the Lobby – Slots, Roulletes, Video Pokers, Blackjack and others.

It is a highly loaded solution as many users play in the Crazy Slots Facebook application on daily basis. To handle the loading some specific solutions are used like:Clustering system with a Load balancer and web nodes, Amazon EC2, Content distribution network for caching the front-end part,  MySQL sharding with master and slave servers.


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