Found Love iOS Application

Found Love enables you to realize that love literally surrounds you.
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Love Is All Around is not just a beautiful oldie song by the Troggs, it’s also a fact!

With this free photo-sharing app, users can upload and share visions of love around them. That way everybody can become a part of social revolution. Just take a photo of a heart-shaped image whenever you see one, add a message and a tag expressing love to the photo. You can come across images of hearts everywhere – in the shape of clouds up in the sky, in graffiti or inspirational messages that can be found around town. The app shares users’ photos on a “Love Stream,” a real-time photo timeline made of hearts. Love Stream can be viewed with Found Love. Found Love app gives you an opportunity to contribute into the biggest collection of hearts ever and express love universally, together with people from all around the globe.

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