Mobile app and front-end development for ParamountDax

ParamountDax is a cryptocurrency trade platform aimed at solving common crypto industry issues.

  • Duration 2020 – ongoing
  • Team 6 members
  • Type Trading platform
  • Industry Finance, Crypto Exchange
  • Platforms iOS, Android, Web

Project idea

ParamountDax founder focuses on eliminating flaws he discovered on existing crypto trading platforms. He envisages a system that provides a set of robust yet friendly tools to simplify trading process and increase transparency.

Target audience

The platform caters to the needs of the entire crypto community providing multiple trading opportunities. It also provides an engaging User Experience that is clear and intelligible even for complete novices.


  • A global project redesign. The team strives to provide users with an even more interactive, responsive, and straightforward interface. Users now enjoy new Staking Rewards and Instant Bonus Statistics features. The new payment module offers the widest range of funding options.
  • Mobile charts. Mobile app charts must remain of the same complexity and detail level. Updates in real time must be smooth and consume device resources moderately. IT Craft implemented a solution that provides high-performance trading charts in the React Native app.
  • Chart details. The team implemented a third-party library ChartIQ to provide detailed charts. This is a complex library covering a variety of use cases. Such services as Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq use it. It was decided to customize it tailoring to project needs. Client received mail from ChartIQ creators praising IT Craft team’s customized solution.
  • Performance. The team maintains system stability and availability under heavy user load to prevent glitches and slowdowns that might result in losses.



The client:

  • Had software up and running.
  • Concentrated on improvements and expansion.
  • Required experience in front-end and mobile development.
  • Needed help with system maintenance and optimization.


Our team:

  • Focused on the front end of both Web app and administration panel.
  • Worked on the client side of ParamountDax mobile app.
  • Coped with a high-load system where data updates happen five-ten times every second.
  • Used microservices approach to software development.


Our work resulted in:

  • The same, exceptional experience across desktops and mobile devices.
  • Delivery of high-performing, lightweight mobile apps.
  • Implemented client parts for several auxiliary products, for instance, Market Maker.

Business benefits

Licensed provider

ParamountDax is one of a few cryptocurrency solutions licensed before the platform was launched.

Multiple use cases

ParamountDax provides a Web platform and a mobile app targeting crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading, and beyond.

Engaging UX

Users access a clear and transparent trading process. Software features motivate users to learn and experiment.

App size

The team significantly decreased its size. To compare: ParamountDax iOS app – 28 MB iOS Binance app – 384 MB. Coinbase – 115.6 MB.

Main project features

Apart from basic functionality that is common for every trading platform, ParamountDax has innovated some smart and easy-to-use functions.
The platform enhances User Experience through the following unique functionality:

  • PRDX

    This native token is listed exclusively on ParamountDax platform. It is based on the ERC20 standard utilizing Ethereum Blockchain technology.
    PRDX token offers platform users a range of benefits.
    These include:

    • daily bonus rewards
    • trading fee discounts
    • an opportunity for making purchases
    • paying for hotels and travels

    and more
    A buyback and burning plan ensures constant value growth and thus, user interest.
    PRDX token might be listed on other trading platforms in the future.

    ParamountDax app
  • Advanced Trading Chart

    This module provides users with an interactive chart and a variety of instruments that they can use for trade operations. Users can set the price level graphically and interactively right from the chart.
    Complex order types have been implemented to satisfy the needs of users of any experience level. Users can see existing, executing and stopping orders, and more.
    Thanks to detailed visualization, orders look clearly and informatively which is crucial for new users.

    ParamountDax app
  • Instant Bonus Contract

    ParamountDax offers its users bonuses for opening contracts of various time lengths, from one to 90 days.
    First, they get an instant bonus. Its amount depends on the contract term.
    Second, users get bonuses when reaching a planned trading volume during contract time. Based on the user's success, the platform distributes coin bonuses which are a percentage of the contract volume.
    Bonuses become available at the end of a contract. After the contract is over, the liquidation process starts. Users receive their funds within 10 to 20 minutes after liquidation is over.

    ParamountDax app
  • Trading bots

    This feature is integrated into Instant Bonus Contract functionality. Users can activate bots for automated trading in a few clicks. For instance, they can use the grid bot. Depending on the selected strategy, users decide on the price range and grid width and the bot starts trading.
    They can create a revenue source that requires little to no effort afterward with the help of bots.
    Bots must be set up thoroughly to eliminate losses. Still, the benefit of ParamountDax bots is they take into account platform fees displaying errors when profit is too low or impossible.

    ParamountDax app

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Project timeline

  • Timeline

    2020 – ongoing


IT Craft team has delivered a high-performing mobile app of a decent size. It also enhanced both UX and technical performance of the Web platform, and launched an administration panel to simplify platform management. The team continues working on project expansion and improvement.


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