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DescriptionQuick Transfer is the customer focused freight broker ensuring truck loads, air freight loads, and rail service loads are tracked every day. The system developed by IT Craft automates overall process of receiving and handling service calls - starting with retrieving call emails from email server or getting call information via user phone call and ending with submitting calls to the company Dispatcher system.  On the top, Quick Transfer agents can see all the changes in real time. This was reached by implementing Comet web-application model and by using Jabber for notification mechanism. System administrators are able to manage most of the system settings, and change most of the information using web application interface.

TechnologyASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework 3.5, C# 3.0, MS SQL 2008, NVelocity, TinyMCE,  JQuery,  JTemplate JavaScript library, Google Directions API FreeTimeTracker