Custom WordPress Development Services

As your business grows, your website must keep pace. Don’t let an antiquated website hinder business growth. High-end custom WordPress development services ensure your website functionality keeps pace with your business needs.

Custom WordPress development services for top performers

WordPress is probably the most popular CMS today. Millions of websites were built on this platform. Great functionality and scalability, keeping up with the latest trends of web development – that’s what makes custom WordPress development attractive for website owners.

  • Website development

    WordPress: the most popular website development engine worldwide. Makes any kind of website possible. Just imagine it—then do it.

  • Theme customization

    Personalize a new theme for your website. Add any design elements and features you need to serve your audience.

  • Plugin development

    Use special modules on your website to produce a powerful online solution.

  • WooCommerce customization

    Create an online store based on the WordPress e-commerce plugin: all the features an online store needs.

  • Support

    Deliver regular updates on your website and available fixes when something stops working.

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Custom WordPress development for business modules

WordPress has various options specifically for businesses:

  • A simple blog to publish articles
  • A company or individual portfolio
  • A small online store
  • An employment website

Let’s consider each of the models separately:

Corporate Website

A corporate website

The most common area of custom WordPress website development, a corporate website is a place where business owners present information about themselves and share news and updates with their audience. A great variety of custom WordPress provides a great variety of custom themes for this model.

Website portfolio

A company or an individual portfolio

WordPress ranks at the top for CMS today. Millions of websites have been built on this platform. Why? Great functionality and scalability. Keeps up with the latest web development trends. These things really matter when website owners want custom WordPress development services.

Online stores

Small online stores

Another popular model of custom WordPress development. This area has been developing with the launch of WooThemes that offers WooCommerce plugin and a set of themes. Because the themes are customized, they are easy to work with. Setting up a store is straightforward.

Employment websites

Job board websites

Just like the previous kind of solutions, job boards are built with the help of plugins and custom WordPress themes. Pay special attention to the JobRoller Theme that includes minimum essential functionality to build this type of website. Custom WordPress website development gives you have a head start for low development cost.


What’s so great about custom WordPress website development?

These are some of the core technologies IT Craft engineers use to develop top-of-the-class logistics software development:

  • 1 So easy to install and work with

    Only 5 – 10 minutes between installation and your first article or blog publication.

  • 2 Unrivaled functional scalability

    Custom WordPress development is a breeze with the great variety of plugins. They provide:

    • SEO support – user-friendly URL, automated site map generation, editing robots.txt
    • national language support
    • different types of sliders
    • useful widgets compiled to the themes
    • great-looking main menu
    • statistics on views, posts and pages hits
    • social media integration
    • contact forms and other customization forms
    • integrated newsletters
    • custom entities for management—Testimonials, Portfolio Items, Products…
  • 3 Good support

    You can find an enormous amount of information on WordPress on the Internet. Many online WordPress communities and plugins help solve issues to make the platform easy to maintain.

    No time to build your website on your own?

    A custom WordPress development company can help you.

  • 4 Good mobile edition customization

    Recent WordPress versions support a wide range of mobile devices. They have a responsive admin area where all controls and charts are tailored to fit in with the screen resolution of mobile devices. There is also a wide choice of responsive themes. Try to imagine a world without smartphones and tablets. Not possible. So, WordPress mobile themes are a standard.

  • 5 Great choice of paid and free themes

    In many cases, WordPress customization development service is easy. You don’t need to redesign the theme. You merely change the color scheme, add a logo and a background.

    However, if you want a bespoke custom WordPress design that really stands out, it is wise to ask an experienced web developer for help. ThemeForest is probably one of the best marketplaces to sell and buy themes. Find thousands of themes here for popular CMS, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento.


Below are some of the many projects custom WordPress development company IT Craft delivered to clients.

What do you get?

Read what IT Craft’s clients wrote about our logistics software development company.

    We write code that grows your business.

    IT Craft

    • Analysis of your project objectives and tasks
    • High technology implementation
    • Creative and effective solutions
    • Reliable technical partner
    • Top-quality custom WordPress development services
    • Post-launch guarantee period
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