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mobile-app-testing-itcraftMobile and web-based apps are probably the most challenging types of solutions. A standard app uses several technological platforms and thousands of code lines. Apps must function on different OSs, screen sizes, and hardware without lags on. To add to the challenge, mobile app technologies get frequent updates which might result with some features being broken.

Testing and QA management are a must in the following cases:

  • Major updates of OSs, frameworks, and tech platforms
    • New feature integration
  • Examination of a new app before the final release
    • Changes in app architecture
  • New requirements

Our experience covers all ranges of mobile testing needs, from test case planning to choice of relevant methodology to implementation of proven approaches.

We use best practices, cutting-edge technologies decreasing testing time, thereby reducing testing costs while always retaining the same quality level.

We provide the following services to cover needs for mobile testing and enhance app performance:


  • Network (Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth) usage
  • Resources usage (CPU, battery etc.)
  • External resources (external libraries, frameworks)
  • Code/DB architecture



  • Installation environment
  • Updating version (Upgrades)
  • Data integrity (consistency)


Functional testing in all levels (Component/Integration/System)

  • Testing the requirements/business process
  • Regression testing
  • Security


OS Support

  • Cross-platform
  • Native apps
Security and Vulnerability

  • Penetrating tests
  • Security Standards (OWASP, ISO/IEC)
  • Encryption
  • Statical/Dynamical analysis



  • External services (call, sms)
  • Aircraft mode
  • Custom permissions



  • Performance / Load Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Smoke/Sanity Testing


Memory Leak

  • Garbage collection
  • Memory consumption
  • Code review


Our aim is to provide the best performance and stability on all devices listed in the product’s specification.

To make this happen and to ensure app functionality fully corresponds to your requirements, we are happy to expand our device collection in order to meet your special hardware requirements.

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