For most business owners, having a website that has everything in one place is enough. But with online shopping growing at a tremendous pace—not to mention that customers are increasingly using mobile devices to do it—relying on new website design and development technologies have become all the more necessary for businesses that want to entice more customers and make more sales.

One platform that business owners can use to respond to this demand is Magento. Magento is an e-commerce development platform (created by Varien but now owned by eBay Enterprise) that allows for the seamless creation of e-commerce sites, the management of categories, products and pages, as well as the placement and execution of marketing campaigns. And because it’s the most customizable and expandable e-commerce system out there on the web, developers and tech savvy business owners have grown to love it even more. According to, Magento now powers 26 percent of e-commerce sites on Alexa’s one million sites list, providing its services to 240,000 merchants globally. Magento was also acknowledged as the world’s leading e-commerce platform in the 2014 Internet Retailer 5001.

Here are the top reasons why your business website should be in Magento:

  • It’s free.

The best things in life are free—yes, indeed. Magento is an open-source platform, which means everyone has access to it and has the ability to modify it. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy support from experts for using it. Magento has a dedicated online community of developers that are always ready to lend help to designers, fellow developers and business owners.

  • Improved Organization.

Magento offers you a robust database to record your products. It doesn’t matter whether you use third-party channels; a blog post on Search Engine People explains Magento automatically “updates itself across all e-commerce channels” that you’re using, cutting down the time you spent on encoding every single item. Moreover, Magento gives business owners a space to save all their data and monitor their sales through one dashboard. Consolidate reports and print them from one place.

  • It’s Customizable.

When most websites are created, you are basically stuck with the finished product and can’t make changes to it. Magento has a 100 percent true template system for ease of design that can always be tailored to your needs. Magento also has a wide array of extensions that you can integrate with your e-commerce website for seamless functionality and better user experience. E-Commerce Optimization noted that upgrades are possible with Magento through its plug-ins, modules and packages, unlike rival osCommerce. Editing codes is also a breeze with Magento. “With Magento, you’ll be able to install new modules relatively easily without getting into the code much,” the website said.
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