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If you choose this model, we charge you for the time actually spent by the project manager(s) and coders involved in the development phase.


This model is most convenient for open-ended, long-term projects where it is not possible to produce a complete specification at the outset, i.e. you know it will be necessary to make some adjustments during the development process. Similarly, you may prefer this model when the brief is to find a solution to a business problem.

The commercial assumption is that both sides will collaborate to produce mutually profitable results. But, as with the other models, this requires a thorough analysis of your needs and clear, detailed specification documents. We rely on the information you supply to plan the release of staff to work on your project. You have to be open and honest, and cooperate actively with us so that the basis of our agreement is sound. Once we start work, you must also provide timely feedback. If you are unhappy, you must tell us immediately so that we can keep the work on track to meet your expectations.


  • We agree on the nature and probable scope of the project. Our experts will then start preparing the detailed specification.
  • We will estimate the duration of staff availability and the likely monthly price. If these key terms are acceptable, we will prepare a contract for signature. The full agreement covers all aspects of our relationship including commercial confidentiality, licensing and intellectual property issues, the extent of our warranty, the agreed period of maintenance and support, etc.
  • As soon as the agreement is signed and the initial payment is received, our staff will begin work.
  • The work is billed at the end of every month based on daily reports to you, monthly-generated time sheets and pre-negotiated hourly rates depending on the expertise of those working on your project.

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