WordPress Development Services for Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

Get your ecommerce website done and deployed in just 3 – 6 weeks with IT Craft’s WordPress development services.

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How it works

Our WordPress development company engineers always provide the highest-quality software to meet your budget.

The best WordPress website for you is possible within seven steps:


Give us a call. Tell us your requirements. Get your questions on WordPress development solutions answered. Receive expert help to clearly define your business requirements and decide the best path to take.

Let’s discuss what we need from you to get started.


The team prepares a project roadmap for you. This roadmap provides a clear, logical path for your website and prepares the technical plan.


Designers prepare layouts for your website ensuring end users can easily navigate through your website using any device: smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


Code development starts immediately after you approve layouts. Thanks to WordPress CMS, website development is done fast.


QA engineers ensure everything works flawlessly on different browsers and your website meets the planned requirements.


Congratulations! Your website is now live.


Your WordPress development team stays in constant touch with you during the post-launch-guarantee timeframe making fixes at no cost for you.

What do you get working with IT Craft?

  • A fast, responsive, scalable website suited to your needs.
  • Recommendations on how to set up your website or basic configuration on the chosen hosting service.
  • A session with our WordPress experts showing you how to manage your website.

Choose the best Website development package for your online business

Unlike many WordPress development companies, IT Craft offers development packages. Choose the package you need. No hidden fees. You will always know how much IT Craft WordPress development will cost.

Choose the WordPress development solution that corresponds best with your future business growth.

  • Starter

    • 3 Pages
      • Home
      • About us
      • Contact us + ReCAPTCHA
    • Theme Installation and configuration
    • 2 plugins for data management
    • 1 supported language
    • Deployment
    • Hosting recommendations

    Choose design option

    8 days


    15 days


  • Standard

    • 7 Pages

      Starter Pages +

      • Login
      • One-Step checkout
      • Custom Basket
      • Custom Profile
    • Theme installation and configuration
    • 5 Plugins for data management & security
    • Multilanguage support without RTL
    • WooCommerce Stripe / PayPal payment integrations
    • Import-export of products from Excel files
    • Mass mailing support
    • Deployment
    • Basic hosting configuration

    Choose design option

    16 days


    22 days


  • Advanced

    • 10 Pages

      Standard Pages +

      • Custom filters
      • Custom Shipping
      • Custom Delivery options
    • Theme installation and configuration
    • 7 Plugins for data management & security
    • Multilanguage support with RTL
    • WooCommerce with 1-2 Custom payment integrations
    • Import-export of products from a 3rd-party system
    • Mass mailing support
    • Rating and reviews support
    • Live chat support
    • Deployment
    • Basic hosting configuration

    Choose design option

    28 days


    38 days


  • How can your business goals be implemented with a WordPress-based, e-commerce solution?

    To find out, book a free video consultation. Get all your questions—and more— answered.

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    You get a robust WordPress development solution. Use it immediately to boost sales.

    When opting for ecommerce WordPress development, you can manage your website on your own. Enjoy the following benefits:

    • Easy to manage

      Make any changes on your website using a built-in editor. No coding skills required.

    • SEO friendly

      The WordPress engine is optimized, so your clientele can easily find you in search results.

    • Optimized for all mobile platforms

      Your website has a responsive design ensuring it looks equally awesome on all user devices.

    • Fast-growing community support

      You can address the large WordPress community with your issue and get support.

    • Low cost to expand

      You can add or remove any pages from your website on your own using WordPress CMS.


    • 1 Will WordPress development meet my business needs?

      Yes, WordPress development meets different kinds of business needs. There are many themes specifically catering to an online storefront. It also features plugins that quickly add eCommerce functionality to a website, from product display to shopping cart and checkout.

    • 2 Are there additional costs which are not covered by any of your WordPress web development company’s price packages?

      Yes, there are costs that are not covered with our WordPress web development company’s price packages.

      Extras include:

      • Plugins. You must purchase the existing theme or plugins chosen.
      • Hosting costs. Speed of access depends on hosting. This should be discussed separately.
      • Third-party integrations. Any third-party services (e.g., payments) might also entail extra costs.
    • 3 Can I customize a WordPress website?

      Yes, you will be able to modify your website’s titles and taglines to immediately.see how it will look on your website. The WordPress engine makes it easy for you to manage your content without the help of WordPress development services.

    • 4 Will I be able to edit my website?

      Yes, of course. This is the power of WordPress: you don’t need any special skills in WordPress development. It has a built-in editor that lets you make changes to your website.

      Of course, we will show you how to add and edit content as a part of WordPress development services. Our developers will tell you how to update, edit, and manage your website. They will provide short tutorials and screenshots of a particular section, if requested. Also, if you have any questions, we will arrange a short call. You will not be on your own.

    • 5 What about the security of my website?

      No worries. Everything you need is included in our WordPress development package.

      The WordPress security team includes about 50 web security experts. Part of WordPress practice and policy include regular consultations with well-known and trusted security researchers and hosting companies. Security is already included in WP core functionality.

      Security is an essential part of IT Craft’s WordPress development services.

      Our developers ensure a secure website for you and provide you with hosting recommendations/configuration.