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Experience in Transforming Industries

Digital technologies unlock opportunities for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.
Still, businesses can leverage opportunities only when they possess relevant expertise.
This is where we help. You hire a seasoned team of software development veterans capable of turning your vision into app code. We always consider each client’s constraints, concerns, and limitations when offering a solution path.

Digital technologies bring with them opportunities and challenges. Opportunities include increased sales through greater customer loyalty, speed to market and incredible customer insight.


  • HealthTech

    Our engineers help healthcare providers transform the healthcare industry. Streamline business processes. Organize and maintain infrastructure. Store and exchange sensitive patient data securely.

  • Logistics

    IT Craft software developers help logistics businesses increase the efficiency of the supply chain. Meet business needs for precise route planning, fleet management, inventory tracking, and more.

  • Fantasy Sports and Gaming

    We help you benefit from your competitors’ weaknesses. The team delivers an improved prediction game for the selected competition type. Make sure your users enjoy the provided risk-free environment.

  • FinTech

    Our development team focuses on strict requirements for security and availability, ensuring real-time financial operations across all locations where your business is present.

  • eCommerce

    IT Craft assists with common growth challenges such as enhancing digital presence, creating bespoke mcommerce experience, optimizing operation costs, or preparing for a new sales season.

  • eLearning

    We deliver solutions for efficient remote learning and student progressing. Students learn with fun. They benefit from instant access to learning materials, gamification, and decreased learning costs.


  • On-Demand Apps

    We help you focus on customer expectations while delivering sought-after features for your on-demand app.
    Focus on your priority: fast, seamless deliveries, orders from shops or local restaurants, repair services, healthcare, or professional consulting.

  • Indoor Navigation

    We use mutually reinforcing technologies to build a navigation solution that works for all venue types and needs.
    Provide users with the best route. Increase safety inside restricted areas. Organize marketing campaigns.

  • iBeacon App Development

    Our engineers use low-cost beacons to launch tracking and identification apps, interactive tours, and alert solutions.
    Use beacons to track asset location, trigger alerts and events, activate information, or provide contactless payments.

  • Trading Software Development

    IT Craft delivers and tunes trading suites for building complex strategies.
    Automate order placement and execution. Make collected data work for you and your end users via custom, AI-based algorithms.

  • AR and VR apps

    We build long-sought-after experiences that become available with technological advancement.
    It is all possible: collaboration tools, catalogs and showrooms, next-gen training apps, and active cooperation games. Whatever your needs.

Our clients' success stories

Here is what IT Craft's customers think of the company's ability to deliver.


Abhinav Goel, Head of Technology at Plugsurfing

“Very pleased with all the engineers. They were very communicative and took pride in being accountable for their deliveries.”


Martin Blaha, Founder at 3P Consulting GmbH

“Their commitment to learn new stuff and to find a quick solution to the given problem was always impressive.”


Jan Goetgeluk, Founder at Omni

“They take great initiative. They do the work on time and within budget. They don’t overpromise and underdeliver typically, underpromise and overdeliver. So that’s been a great experience.”