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Fantasy Sports Software Development – Leagues & Simulations

Make sure to fulfill what users are missing in the real sports competition.
At IT Craft, you get a team of Fantasy Sports developers dedicated to delivering the best solution to your audience’s expectations.

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  • PeakFactor
  • Adorama
  • Nandos
  • Fielodne
  • flexwise
  • Diamonds
  • RocketRoute

Fantasy Sports App Core Feature List

Fantasy Sports software development with IT Craft covers your tech needs for a feature-rich, secure solution:

  • Register / login
  • Create a contest / join a contest
  • Create a team / modify a team
  • Dashboard
  • Achievements & badges
  • Chat
  • Invite a friend
  • Update profile
  • Payment options
  • Profile history
  • Notifications
  • User management
  • Contest management
  • Rules management
  • Reports and analytics
  • Leaderboard management
  • Payment management
  • Marketing integration
  • Loyalty program
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Multi-language support
  • Loyalty integration
  • Data feed integration
  • Responsive interface
  • System hosting
  • Mobile app (optional)
  • Tech support and server administration

Fantasy Sports & Gaming Services

Soccer Fantasy Leagues
Political Elections and Races
Fantasy Sports Solutions
Fantasy League Software
Betting and Auctions
Stocks & Forex

Soccer Fantasy Leagues

Build a custom system where users love dealing with uncertainty. Prepare a mix of luck and skills and we help you launch it. Daily Fantasy Sports or a season-long tournament—IT Craft expands your system with all desired contests.

  • flexible contest types
  • simple UX
  • autopick parameters
  • anti-cheating system

Political Elections and Races

Although only a few candidates participate, elections are highly unpredictable. Launch a Fantasy elections contest where users get points based on selected candidates’ performance in elective events. We will help you launch it soon.

  • increased awareness
  • enhanced platform security
  • voter engagement
  • gamification

Fantasy Sports Solutions

Many sports competitions remain unmerited, out of the fantasy industry’s focus. With our help, you deliver a solution dedicated to a major sports event e.g., Ski World Cup or Olympic Games on time increasing fans’ interest in it.

  • Fantasy eSports competitions
  • white-label solutions
  • sandbox for novices
  • ad module integration

Fantasy League Software

Launch your unique fantasy league system taking into account your competitors’ flaws. Add user-created contests, custom rules, and a unique scoring system. Our Fantasy Sports app developers deliver its source code on time.

  • featured tournaments
  • multi-language support
  • leaderboard and badges
  • referrals and bonuses

Betting and Auctions

Let prospect buyers bid for virtually any item. Make sure to provide an engaging playground for competition lovers. IT Craft delivers a secure platform with support of required use cases.

  • smart transactions
  • multiple payments integration
  • blockchain-based auctions
  • high-load systems

Stocks & Forex

Users are happy to try trading in a risk-free environment. An account on a fantasy exchange platform lets users practice trading shares or currencies. Our team launches an MVP for you, optimizes an existing app, and expands its functionality.

  • easy withdrawal options
  • practice accounts
  • real-time trade charts
  • trade automation bots

Most popular Fantasy Sports games

  • Football


  • Hockey


  • Rugby


  • Golf


  • Baseball


  • Basketball


  • Hockey


  • Auto racing

    Auto racing

Picking Duck

Picking Duck

This iOS app was made by sports-betting enthusiasts who wanted a safe playground for fantasy sports novices.

Users enjoy free core functionality. They benefit from sportsbooks and weekly contests. Novices can follow top users and spot their bets.

This Daily Fantasy Sports game targeted major soccer leagues in Latin America. The team introduced automation at scale to support user base growth.

The team integrated a local data feed provider and payment gateway to eliminate hassle when paying in local currencies.

Picking Duck image

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Mustafa Alhashemi, Founder at Smart Navigation Systems

“IT Craft was distinguished by their wonderful sincerity, professionalism, attitude, punctuality, and effective commutation.”


Martin Berg, Co-founder at 99coaches

“…The Agile approach of IT Craft to develop the app is just meeting our needs perfectly to scale the product in the best possible way.”


Abhinav Goel, Head of Technology at Plugsurfing

“I do not think I have worked with such a supplier before, highly impressive attitude.”

questions from our clients

What is a Fantasy Sports app?

Users of Fantasy Sports apps try a team manager role. They compose a virtual team from real players and get points based on players’ performance in real games. The aim is to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Users can pick up, drop, sell, or exchange players depending on points they have.
The tournament duration varies. App owners are inventive regarding the rules, contests, and awards in order to attract and retain users.

How much does it cost to build a Fantasy Sports app?

As with any other app type, its costs depend on complexity. Based on average Eastern/Central European hourly rate ($50):

  • A simple prototype requires 1 – 2 of work or $20,000+.
  • An MVP starts at 4 – 6 months or $70,000.
  • A fully-featured system with custom logic and multiple integrations requires 8+ months or $100,000+.
Why should I choose your company for software development?

Choosing Fantasy Sports software development company IT Craft means you can have any kind of app delivered to your target audience on time, on budget. No excuses.
Clients value high our services and select us as their top service provider for the following reasons:

Extensive expertise. Our team has advanced experience in the development of multiple software systems, games, and portals integrated into the ‘fantasy’ concept.

All-in-one approach. You can count on us throughout the entire process, from requirements management to launch and post-launch guarantee period.

Transparency. You get regular updates from the team on your project. You get in touch with any question and receive a timely response. You see tangible results after each iteration and can test them on your own.

Flexibility. The team focuses on the value produced source code brings to your project. This is why it delivers improvements that drive your business rather than blindly project requirements.

What technology do you use for a Fantasy Sports app?

Typically, we use the following technologies for Fantasy Sports software development:

Front-end: CSS/HTML5/JS, React, Angular, Vue
Back-end: Yii, Laravel, Slim, Node.js, Ruby, Ruby-on-Rails
Database: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Redis, RabbitMQ
Payments: PayPal, Stripe
iOS: Swift, Objective C
Android: Java, Kotlin
DevOps: Jenkins, Gitlab, AWS

Do you help with support and maintenance?

Yes, we do. After the team has launched your project, it can continue working on it, delivering updates and new features, scaling it, and optimizing consumption of resources.

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