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From project assessment to post-launch optimization and expansion: IT Craft helps startups and enterprises implement a mobile-first strategy.

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Mobile app development services to cover all your tech needs

IT Craft provides you with any and all services needed to launch, redevelop, or expand your mobile app.

Fast MVP development
Wearables app development
App optimization and reengineering
Project expansion
App tech support
API and third-party integrations

Our services

IOS App Development
Android App Development
Cross-platform Mobile Apps
Hybrid Mobile Apps
Mobile App Design & Testing
Native Mobile App Development

IOS App Development

The iOS platform audience expects a lot from the software. We build and optimize apps to work great across the entire ecosystem: iPhones, iPads, Smart Watches, Apple TV, and more.

  • loyal audience
  • App Clips: try now, launch later
  • effective design
  • highest security standards

Android App Development

Android OS-the most popular and global platform-operates on many types of smart devices. IT Craft’s mobile app development solutions help you make the most of selected hardware.

  • most popular mobile OS
  • open-source platform
  • runs on multiple devices
  • inexpensive hardware available

Cross-platform Mobile Apps

Cross-platform apps make it possible to reuse part of the app source code. No more starting from scratch when targeting several platforms simultaneously. We know how to launch cross-platform apps faster.

  • one codebase, several platforms
  • native-like performance
  • same UX on all platforms
  • suited for AR development

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps-a combination of native and web technologies-are stand-alone apps that run on an embedded web browser. IT Craft has extensive experience in launching compelling hybrid apps.

  • fast time to launch
  • cost effectiveness
  • embracing wide audience
  • updates reach all platforms

Mobile App Design & Testing

Great mobile design turns skeptics into devoted users. Mobile app testing improves app performance. It also ensures the compatibility of new features with an existing codebase. You get help with everything.

  • optimum mobile experience
  • skyrocketed user engagement
  • decreased release time
  • increased codebase stability

Native mobile app development

Native mobile apps take time and effort but they do provide the best app response, security, and look and feel. IT Craft’s mobile application development services ensure optimum timeline and budget for the required functionality.

  • highest performance
  • sophisticated functionality
  • access to native hardware
  • best design

How we work

What your selected IT Craft team does for you and your project

  1. Project assessment

    Initiates a call with you to discuss your project goals and essential details. We sign an NDA, so you know your secrets are 100% safe with us.

  2. Project discovery and planning

    Studies your project details in depth, establishes a strategy, and formulates a detailed roadmap including costs, timeline, and possible risks.

  3. Software development

    Works in sync on all project facets needed to launch a high-quality product. Our mobile apps development services company has many years of expertise and experience for all the tech required for your project.

  4. Launch and achievements evaluation

    Launches the app and publishes it in app stores. You own the high-quality source code accompanied by project documentation.

  5. Maintenance and expansion

    Maintains and optimizes the codebase ensuring the app remains stable, fast, and secure. It adds sought-after features based on user feedback.


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Picking Duck


Flexwise is an on-demand platform for filling in temporary positions quickly with pre-appraised and approved nursing professionals.

Clinic administrators can easily manage temporary staff. Nurses can plan their workload, schedule, and income.


This time-tracking app has straightforward UX for tracking time of a remote team, approving it and transferring data to an accounting solution.

Team members track time and send it for approval from any device. Managers access data for processing.


A flight-planning center generates a flight plan and briefing pack within minutes. It can be submitted to a flight control center directly from the app.

Users enjoy this app’s rich functionality that flight planning, tracking, and logging requires.


The old FieldOne desktop system got a makeover and was upgraded into a SaaS solution. It streamlined coordination between field and back-office teams.

Teams can assign tasks and roles, update statuses, communicate, and much more.

Picking Duck

This native iOS was designed specifically to teach novices the basics of betting and fantasy sports gaming in a risk-free environment.

Users can participate in contests for a chance to win trophies and prizes. They follow their favorite bettors to learn from them.

eBillity image
RocketRoute image
FieldOne image
Picking Duck image


  • laravel


  • node.js


  • angular


  • vue


  • react

    React. JS

  • C#


  • Yii


  • HTML5


  • JavaScript


  • CSS3


  • Java


  • Symfony


  • .NET Core

    .NET Core

  • Python


  • PHP


  • Java


  • Objective-C


  • Flutter


  • Kotlin


  • Swift


  • React Native

    React Native

  • Xamarin


  • Ionic


  • Kubernetes


  • Docker


  • Terraform


  • Google Cloud Platfrom

    Google Cloud Platfrom

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

  • AWS


  • Chef


  • Puppet


  • Ansible


  • Bamboo


  • TeamCity


  • Github Actions

    Github Actions

  • GitlabCI


  • Jenkins


  • Zeplin


  • Figma


  • Adobe XD

    Adobe XD

  • Sketch


  • Balsamiq


  • InVision


  • SoapUI


  • Selenium


  • Apache JMeter

    Apache JMeter

  • SpecFlow


  • nUnit


  • Postman


industries where we excel

  • HealthTech

    Apps for doctors, CRM systems for clinics administration, patient data management solutions.

  • Logistics

    Warehouse management, asset tracking systems, route planning, and optimization software.

  • Fantasy Sports & Gaming

    White label fantasy sports software, flexible approach, any degree of customization.

  • FinTech

    Financial marketplaces, cryptocurrency trading solutions, payroll solutions.

  • Ecommerce

    Online stores, catalogs, POSs, retail shops.

  • Education

    Let users progress at a pace using your app for learning and practicing when they have a free minute.

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Adam Orsi, VP of Development at Flexwise

“They have great project management skills and there haven't been any problems with onboarding.”

Great Britain

Cedric Bernadac, Founder at Limpid Markets

“Their high performance in every aspect of the engagement set them up well for a long-term partnership.”


Mustafa Alhashemi, Founder at Smart Navigation Systems

“IT Craft was distinguished by their wonderful sincerity, professionalism, attitude, punctuality, and effective commutation.”

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