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Mobile appdevelopment

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Types of mobile app development services


Mobile app development for one specific
mobile OS (iOS, Android) using respective platform language.


First developed using an intermediate framework with a non-native language (JavaScript, C#) then compiled into native code.


A combination of native and web technologies for mobile app development. The result is a standalone app that runs using the embedded web browser.


2,250+ projects completed by outsourcing mobile development company IT Craft. Briefly, here are 3:

Mobile Project
FieldOne (acquired by Microsoft in 2016) was an enterprise-level software used to coordinate efforts of field and administration teams.
FieldOne LLC cooperated with IT Craft to develop of a new SaaS solution to replace their old desktop software that was gradually losing the market to its mobile-friendly competitors.
Apart from the Web version, IT Craft developed and launched native iOS / Android apps to make FieldOne accessible for field teams through their mobile devices.
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Mobile Project
SkyLab is a special platform that makes it possible for influencers to create their own networks, engage their audience through various activities and then monetize created business.
The IT Craft team dealt with a legacy project: improving source code became their top priority mobile app development activity at the start of the project. Next the development team improved system stability and introduced a CD pipeline for frequent releases, and also improved the platform’s back-end system.
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Mobile Project
Order Port
Order Port is a native iPad app designed to support sales of fine wines wherever wines are sold: stores, wineries, tasting rooms, clubs, festivals, etc.
Work on the app started with an in-depth inspection of already available code. The dedicated team determined the scope of mobile app development services needed, then developed source code for new features to manage the entire sales process, from inventory management through receipt printing to reports and analytics.
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Small businessesProject Managements

Small businessesSoftware Development

Small businessesQuality Assurance

Turning company’s plans into the new reality

One top priority always remains the same.

IT Craft consistently provides its mobile app development services to ensure timely delivery on its promises to its clients—no matter how complex, no matter how large the project. No exceptions.

Working with startups and established companies on digital transformations since 2001, IT Craft mobile development teams ensure that their:

  • Offered project roadmap provides clients best value for their money
  • Released app contains extra capacity under the hood to withstand unexpected challenges
  • App architecture remains flexible for a longer app life cycle.
Web app with Angular
IOS App Development

Currently, the most successful OS ever based on its friendly, relatively un-fragmented platform.

Android App Development

World’s most popular mobile platform with over one billion active users.

Wearables App Development

An app for wearables is an absolute must for health monitoring, fitness tracking, navigation, and other activities.

Cross-Platform App

Cross-platform apps target several platforms to shorten timeline and enable easier codebase maintenance.

Mobile Testing

Mobile test automation improves codebase maintenance but also makes it possible to deliver new features faster.

Support and maintenance

Introduction of DevOps best practices on a mobile app development project helps streamline code delivery decreasing app maintenance costs.


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