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Full-cycle mobile app development and maintenance in one place.

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Types of mobile app development


    Mobile app development for one specific
    mobile OS (iOS, Android) using respective platform language.


    First developed using an intermediate framework with a non-native language (JavaScript, C#) then compiled into native code.


    A combination of native and web technologies for mobile app development. The result is a standalone app that runs using the embedded web browser.


2,250+ projects completed by IT Craft, outsourcing mobile development company. Mobile app development services for startups and large organizations. On time. On budget. Clients get what they want and pay for. Dreams come true. Here are 3:

Mobile Project
Order Port

Order Port is a native iPad app designed to support sales of fine wines wherever wines are sold in stores, wineries, tasting rooms, clubs, festivals, etc.
Work on the app started with an in-depth inspection of already available code. The dedicated team determined the scope of mobile app development services needed, then developed source code for new features to manage the entire sales process from inventory management through receipt printing to reports and analytics.

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Mobile Project

iCafe is an interactive menu app improving café workflow through a comprehensive, customizable POS system. iCafe also offers coffee cards and discounts for café visitors.
IT Craft developed and launched the app with an intuitive menu for hassle-free sales using iPads. The app also includes direct benefits for café visitors, such as electronic coupons, collecting reward points, and iBeacon-based promo notifications.

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Mobile Project

FieldOne (acquired by Microsoft in 2016) was an enterprise-level software used to coordinate efforts of field and administration teams.
FieldOne LLC contacted IT Craft to develop a new SaaS solution to replace its old desktop software being outstripped in the market by its mobile-savvy competitors.
Apart from the Web version, IT Craft provided mobile app development services. The team launched iOS/Android apps to make FieldOne accessible for field teams via their mobile devices.

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Mobile app development services to cover all your tech needs

IT Craft provides you with any and all mobile app development services needed to launch, redevelop, or expand your mobile app.

  • Custom iOS/Android apps
  • Fast MVP development
  • Wearables app development
  • Mobile back-end development
  • Mobile QA
  • App optimization and reengineering
  • Project expansion
  • App tech support
  • API and third-party integrations

Mobile app solutions for different industries

IT Craft mobile app developers deliver solutions across various industries:

  • eLearning

    eLearning apps let students stay in touch with teachers and tutors. Only a smartphone is needed to learn.

  • Ecommerce

    In today’s world, mobile-first purchases are a must-have feature. Ecommerce makes this possible.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare solutions can be used for referencing, consultations, patient tracking, alerts, and clinic management—optimizing every treatment step.

  • On-demand apps

    On-demand software ensures users find the best delivery and service provider when and where they need it, and providers enjoy greater visibility.

  • Indoor navigation and positioning

    Smartphone apps make indoor navigation and tracking possible ensuring neither people nor assets get lost.

  • Logistics and warehousing

    Everything is possible with a robust mobile solution: inventory tracking, optimization of processes, improved data analytics, and more.


Mobile app development technologies

Each client has different app requirements to achieve their dreams. We know this. Technological flexibility is crucial for reaching the balance between app performance, maintainability, development costs, and timeline.

IT Craft’s mobile app developers focus on different technologies ensuring you get the best mobile app development services for your unique requirements. IT Craft can do it all for you:

  • Native iOS apps
  • Cross-Platform Apps

    First developed using an intermediate framework then compiled into native code, cross-platform apps make it possible to reuse partially app source code.

    • Xamarin
    • Flutter
    • React Native
  • Progressive Web Apps

    It is possible to create a mobile app out of a company's current Web app/website. Clients benefit from short development time and easy updates.

    • Cross-browser app development
    • Offline Web app development
    • Responsive Web apps
    • Angular
    • React
    • json
    • JavaScript
  • Mobile testing

    Mobile test automation improves app maintenance which decreases the number of bugs and errors. It also ensures compatibility of new features with existing codebase.

    • Load testing
    • Performance testing
    • Usability testing
    • Regression testing
    • Integration testing
    • Appium
    • Selendroid
    • Apptim
  • Native Android apps

    Mobile app development services ensure native apps work best on the most widespread platform.

    • Android Wearable app development
    • Android Smart TV app development
    • Kotlin
    • Java
    • Android SDK
  • Hybrid Apps

    A combination of native and web technologies for mobile app development. A stand-alone app that runs on the embedded web browser.

    • Hybrid mobile app development
    • Hybrid tablet app development
    • Smart TV hybrid app development
    • Ionic
    • PhoneGap
    • Cordova
  • CI/CD

    Introduction of CI/CD decreases deployment time and ensures high-quality app source code.

    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Jenkins
    • Gillab CI
  • Back-end development

    App performance directly depends the back end. All data processing and storage are done in the back end.

    • App back-end architecture
    • Third-party integrations
    • App optimization
    • LAMP
    • Node.js
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • AWS

Mobile app development process

IT Craft’s full-cycle mobile app development process provides consistency. Our mobile app development services ensure timely delivery of promises.

IT Craft: we keep our promises. No matter how complex. No matter how large the project. No exceptions.

  • Project discovery
  • Project initiation
  • Software development
  • Launch
  • Support and maintenance

Mobile application services include:

  • Turning your business requirements into software specifications
  • Preliminary app architecture
  • Development of strategy and detailed roadmap
  • Estimate on costs, timeline, and possible risks

At the end of app development, you get:

  • All project documentation
  • Well-commented, high-quality source code
  • App launched in app stores
  • Post-launch guarantee period

Mobile app development costs calculator

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  • 1 Why choose IT Craft for mobile app development services?

    IT Craft serves as a technical partner for its clients delivering unique mobile app solutions for each set of requirements, tailoring source code to business’s needs.

    IT Craft mobile development teams ensure:

    • Project roadmap provides clients with the best value for their money.
    • Released app contains extra capacity under the hood to withstand unexpected challenges.
    • App architecture remains flexible for a long app life cycle.
  • 2 How much does mobile app development cost in 2021?

    Costs of mobile app development vary from $8,000 for a simple hybrid mobile prototype to $100,000+ for a fully custom native app, based on average Eastern European hourly rate ($40). Costs can increase to $150,000+ if an app requires extensive back-end development or the client chooses a more expensive development team based on location.

  • 3 What is mobile app development services?

    Mobile application development services include a range of activities needed to design and launch a mobile app solution.

    • Business analysis
    • Project management
    • iOS app development
    • Android app development
    • Back-end development
    • QA and testing
    • DevOps
  • 4 What solutions are provided by mobile app development services?

    Depending on client’s needs, mobile app development services are provided for the following solutions:

    • Native Android and iOS apps
    • Cross-platform and hybrid apps
    • MVP mobile app development
    • Project expansion to another mobile platform
    • AR app development
    • Porting and reengineering
    • Wearables and IoT development
    • Updates and maintenance
    • QA and app optimization
    • Mobile project rescue
  • 5 Which is best for mobile app development?

    Native seems to be the best mobile app development approach. Native apps have the best performance, native feel and out-of-the-box look, and optimized power consumption.

    However, native apps are expensive both to develop and maintain.

    If a client has a limited budget and does not want complex features, cross-platform or hybrid mobile app development services can be a great solution. Cross-platform and hybrid apps have proven performance rates comparable to those of native apps.

  • 6 How to choose mobile app development platform?

    Ask potential development teams the following questions.
    Write down the answers:

    • What is your timeline and budget?
      (Native apps are expensive and more time consuming. Hybrid and cross platform apps can be launched faster due to code reuse.)
    • What goal do you want to achieve with the app?
      (Simple actions – hybrid/cross-platform. Complex actions – native.)
    • Are app response and performance crucial?
      (Yes – native. No – hybrid.)
    • Will the app access specific hardware?
      (Yes – native. No – hybrid.)
    • How often do you plan to update your app?
      (Updates of native platforms can be demanding and time consuming.)
    • How many users are there?
      (For a large user base, develop a native app)