Trading Software Development Services

Our team is here to help you launch and maintain a trading solution based on your priorities. We ensure constant compliance with strict requirements and regulations.

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  • Adorama
  • Nandos
  • Fielodne
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Established Trading Software Development Company

IT Craft assists you with helping end-users exchange any valuable items, both physical and digital:

IT Craft software development company
  • Custom Trading Platforms
  • Currency and Crypto Exchange
  • Trading Execution Solutions
  • Market Trends Tracking Apps
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • OTC Trading Solutions
IT Craft software development company
  • Brokerage Apps
  • Investment Management Platforms
  • Mobile Trading Applications
  • Hedging Systems
  • Stocks and Equities Trading
  • Liquidity Management Systems

Our services

Automated Trading Software
Analytical Solutions for Traders
Cryptocurrency Trading Software
Mobile Trading Applications
Stock/Obligations/Futures Trading Software
Precious Metals Trading Software

Automated Trading Software

Streamline trading workflow. We help with complex functionality for automated order placement and management. Do trading with minimum supervision. Use saved time on business expansion.

  • customizable trade bots
  • trading flow aggregation
  • instant notifications
  • automated position closing

Analytical Solutions for Traders

Make data work for your users. Our team develops and integrates custom-built algorithms to simplify the recognition of trading signals and patterns.

  • real-time analysis
  • advanced reports
  • data-driven predictions
  • custom visualization

Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Enhance the crypto trading experience by streamlining workflow. Our trading software developers deliver a solution for user pain points as a new product or integrate functionality into existing software.

  • real-time statistics
  • p2p transactions
  • constant security monitoring
  • regulations compliance

Mobile Trading Applications

Encourage users to respond to any change instantly. IT Craft team delivers a highly responsive app focusing on performance, security, and friendly, intuitive UI.

  • multiple accounts management
  • lightweight apps
  • detailed charts
  • advanced management tools

Stock/Obligations/Futures Trading Software

Streamline market interactions. Decrease decision-making time. Provide best-in-class UX via all-encompassing yet customizable charts. IT Craft helps you build and maintain exchange solutions for selected industries and locations.

  • 24/7 data availability
  • back-office automation
  • payment gateways
  • extensive security testing

Precious Metals Trading Software

Make sure to digitize your organization or to scale operations and lower costs. Our developers launch a custom platform for you or integrate required middleware into your system to boost trading activities.

  • real-time updates
  • secure communication
  • API development
  • node development

Our clients' success stories.
We love to hear what they say about us.

Stories of people impressed by our service offerings


Cedric Bernadac, Founder at Limpid Markets

“Their professionalism and availability are impressive. They always try to find solutions for any problem that comes up, whether it’s an additional workload or having to come up with a creative fix to a technical or organizational issue.”


Chris Scheid, Founder at MyCarrier

“They make development easy for clients with more business expertise than technical savvy.”


Martin Blaha, Founder & MD, Consulting company

“Their commitment to learn new stuff and to find a quick solution to the given problem was always impressive.”

Our Portfolio

Limpid Markets
US Car Trade


This trading platform software targets OTC market participants such as Citibank, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, Toronto-Dominion Bank, and others, helping them provide each other with pre-trade information, thus decreasing operational costs.

The team works on maintenance, ensuring platform security and availability 24/7. It also delivers long-awaited functionality helping client's business grow.

US Cars Trade

This online marketplace allows users to find an American car of their dreams and get it delivered risk-free.

IT Craft developers have focused on trading platform development, enhancing security, providing a custom cost calculator, protecting the solution against malicious activities, and more.

Limpid Markets

US Car Trade

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Most Common Features of a Trading App

For users

  • User profile management
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Real-time trade chart
  • Search and filtering
  • Watch list
  • Trade bots and automation
  • Client support chat
  • Smart contracts
  • Deal status
  • History of operations
  • News
  • Wallet refill
  • Withdrawal and payments
  • Alerts and notifications

For administrators

  • Dashboard
  • User management
  • Request for user verification
  • Password recovery
  • Reports management
  • Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Reviews
  • Chat for communication

questions from our clients

How long does it take to launch a trading platform?

Custom trading software development takes:

  • 3 - 5 months for an MVP
  • up to 8 months for a complex solution.
    It all depends on your list of requirements.

An important note here. Focus on quality when building a trading platform. Do not cut corners.
When you must launch earlier, it’s possible. Discuss with your team what functionality you can include in further releases.

Why should I trust my project IT Craft?

The choice is always yours, who you trust with your project.
Clients choose IT Craft’s trading software development services for the following reasons:

Expertise – our developers have successfully launched, maintained, and expanded complex trading solutions for our clients, complying with strict development requirements.

English – project managers and senior/lead developers speak English at an advanced level. The company invests in English lessons for everyone interested in its improvement.

Adherence to promises – developers at our custom trading software development company focus on results. They are careful about their estimates but deliver what they promise to a client once they promise.

Proactive attitude – the team looks for the best implementation path for your requirements, ensuring decent quality for the offered price.

Transparency – you get in touch with the dedicated project manager and business development manager who answer any question on your software.

How secure is my platform?

Our developers focus specifically on security during trading platform software development. For instance, they apply enhanced encryption and execute pen testing regularly. Developers integrate extended logging and monitor the system 24/7.

Do you sign an NDA?

Absolutely. We sign an NDA before any discussion on trading platform development starts to ensure all your ideas are safe with us.

How do you maintain communication?

Our trading software development company can use any means that work for you: videoconferencing (Zoom or Skype) for face-to-face communication, emails, and chats (Slack and WhatsApp) to exchange messages.

Can I automate trading?

Yes, this is possible. You need to establish trading rules based on your desired criteria. We deliver automation functionality for those rules.

How do I build my own trading system?

Here is the usual routine:

  1. Outline an app idea.
  2. Check whether it solves a user's pain.
  3. Look for an established company with a relevant focus.
  4. Contact the company with your list of requirements or ask for help making one.
  5. Discuss key functionality, timeline, and budget range.
  6. As the product owner, taking part in the development process, deciding on crucial development aspects, e.g., proprietary trading algorithms.
  7. Meanwhile, focus on app promotion to acquire the first clients.
  8. Launch!
  9. Gather feedback and incorporate it into new releases.

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