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Software Development Services

Software is the key to success in the digital-focused world. Be one step ahead of your competitors, delivering experiences none of them provides.

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Customer-Focused Software Development for Business

A great product emerges when the development team goes beyond initial tech requirements. As part of tech assistance, the team reflects on what problems the product solves and how end users will actually use it, thus, suggesting the best implementation for their needs.


  • Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is critical for business flourishing. We are here to help you increase productivity, streamline processes, or meet end users’ expectations from 21st-century services.

  • Project Rescue

    You need rescue experts when your product suffers from poor implementation or broken promises. We get you back on track: enhance source code stability, add missing features and, eventually, launch quality software.

  • Application Modernization

    Any software requires regular modernization. IT Craft team knows how to respond to performance slowdowns, security threats, inconsistent deliveries, and many other technical issues that affect your business performance.

  • IT Consulting

    Are you not sure about the best implementation path? You need an unbiased outsider’s look. Get timely advice on emerging challenges, including architecture audit, scaling and performance, migration strategy, and more.


  • Web Development

    Focus on user pains. The rest is on us: front, back, design, testing, and maintenance services. Extensive experience in delivering software to any users who love working from a browser.

  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile apps take customer relationships to the next level. Yet, they require great care. Our team meticulously weighs app costs and complexity. Performance, security, and app maintainability are on the priorities list.

  • UI/UX Design

    User retention and willingness to recommend your product depend directly on its friendliness. Our team designs a pleasant-looking interface, ensuring the same experience on required screen sizes. It creates an optimum path from here to there.

  • DevOps Engineering

    DevOps makes increased, stable deliveries possible. Our team helps you scale, improve the consumption of resources, and eliminate downtime. We focus on troubleshooting, optimization, and constant software monitoring.

  • Custom Software Development

    Growing businesses rely on custom solutions, ensuring a competitive edge. IT Craft provides services on software customization, integration of already-built modules, migration, reengineering, and more to help stay ahead of competitors.

For startups

  • Full-Cycle Development for Startups

    You focus on strategic decisions. We implement your vision. IT Craft’s end-to-end software development services cover all of your tech needs. You stay on track and on schedule.

  • Discovery Phase

    Discovery phase is critical for startups operating with scarce resources. Our team is here to help to test feasibility, articulate a plan, and assess user needs for minimum expenditures.

  • MVP Development

    MVP is the critical step for every startup. We help you decide on core features and compose a list of requirements. Then, our team delivers a market-ready product. It incorporates user feedback in the next iteration.

  • Dedicated Team

    It is common for startups to have little time and experience in team assembling. No problem. IT Craft’s dedicated team becomes your internal team adjusting source code to any encountered challenges. Full transparency. No micromanagement.

Our clients' success stories
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Stories of people impressed by our service offerings


Jan Goetgeluk, Founder at Omni

“They take great initiative. They do the work on time and within budget. They don’t overpromise and underdeliver typically, underpromise and overdeliver. So that’s been a great experience.”


Chris Scheid, Founder at MyCarrier

“They make development easy for clients with more business expertise than technical savvy.”


Cedric Bernardac, Founder at Limpid markets

“Their professionalism and availability are impressive. They always try to find solutions for any problem that comes up, whether it’s an additional workload or having to come up with a creative fix to a technical or organizational issue.”