Software Development for Startups

We support your startup at each step to help you pivot easier and sharpen your product’s durability. Our engineering experts are here to distill your idea, make a practical plan, and turn it into a powerful software solution:

  • plan and execute quickly
  • get traction and pitch for investment
  • test ideas and adapt to user feedback
  • find product-market fit
  • discover new niches and opportunities
  • grow and retain paying users
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We are here to help you at any point of your journey—idea, pre-seed, seed, series A, and beyond:

  • End-to-end, fixed-price MVP development – to launch fast, engage investors, get first early adopters, and save budget for future transformations.
  • Team replacement – to stay on track in any challenging situation.
  • Project discovery, prototyping, and pitch deck presentation – to help early-stage startups determine user pains, test market fit, and attract investors.
  • Post-MVP project expansion – to turn your MVP into a fully featured product and withstand market pressure.
  • DevOps for scaling and growth cost optimization – to manage software effectively while growing.
  • Staff augmentation – to help you quickly improve and accelerate by adding skills & rare expertise.

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Benefits of our Services


Problem: You must be an expert in your industry. If you dive too deeply into business and tech details at the same time, you may lose your focus, failing to meet customer needs.

Our solution: Focus on user problems. Our team helps with the rest: technologies, architecture, and requirements implementation.

Product ownership

Problem: 32% of startups fail because of an irrelevant team and lack of common vision, or motivation among its members.

Our solution: You count on a proactive approach at IT Craft. Our engineers use acquired expertise to offer a solution that fits your vision and positively impacts the project.

Resource management
& Scalability

Problem: Finding a niche and specialization can take 2-3 times longer than you might initially expect. Still, when you find it, you must act fast.

Our solution: At IT Craft, you can start small with discovery and market-fit research. We scale your rapidly when you carve out your niche and switch to product development.


Problem: Timing is among the top 3 factors for startups. You may fail because you have nothing to demonstrate investors or lose users to your competitors by delivering too slowly.

Our solution: We help you by focusing on essential functionality, introducing automation at scale, decreasing iteration time for faster turnaround, and more.

Our services

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Startup product development

First, we build an efficient product plan for your confidence. Next, we implement it step-by-step, from prototype to MVP development and beyond. 

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Web app development enables you to achieve a wide user reach and cost-effectiveness. Frameworks shorten the delivery time. Your Web app is ready for scaling and modifications.

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app development

Over 85% of the world's population are mobile users—with IT Craft’s mobile development, you reach all platforms efficiently and cost-effectively. Any type available: iOS, Android, cross-platform, PWA. 

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Startups must maintain a flexible and realistic strategy. We help you build and validate a project roadmap while adjusting to changing circumstances.

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Web & app

Your MVP must also be a minimum lovable product. Our designers prepare an impressive user path and experience strategy, brand style and mockups, icons and logos, ensuring your app looks and feels awesome on all screens.

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The success of software development for startups depends heavily on technical leadership. At IT Craft, we assign a dedicated person to help you map out and test a plan, figure out technical implementation, and respond to market challenges.

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Your software must work perfectly if you want stable growth. DevOps optimization addresses common growth challenges such as low uptime, decreased stability, irrelevant software infrastructure, and more.

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Launch faster with MVP development by focusing on the core. IT Craft developers provide a value-based approach to help you cost-effectively win investors and early adopters. Flexible architecture lets you expand and pivot efficiently.

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Proper resource allocation is critical for startup survival. With Discovery Phase at IT Craft, you get an estimate of project costs, receive a roadmap, understand your competitors and project features.

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Our Portfolio



This Web-based management system streamlines communication between shipping carriers and their customers.

The team built a Web portal from scratch. It focused then on feature expansion and performance. Developers transferred software to the cloud to increase scalability.

Product operates: 6+ years

Fundings Raised: $36.8M


This highly integrated platform makes active, multiplayer VR activities possible. 

The IT Craft team started from an MVP, delivering missing functionality. It also developed Omni SDK to help VR game developers port their apps to Omni.

Product operates: 5+ years

Fundings Raised: $48.1M


This Web service simplifies workload balancing and finding professionals for temporary positions at large clinics. It also streamlines staff management.   

The team optimized the app architecture, added missing features, and delivered an MVP app. It introduces new features and works on maintenance.

Product operates: 5+ years

Fundings Raised: $6M


The project started as a marketplace for billable calls between experts and their customers. It expanded, covering a series of use cases and industries. 

The team delivered an MVP within a tight timeline to help win clients. It continued working on platform expansion and optimization. 

Clients won: 70+

CEBIT: Challenge winners


This cross-platform mobile solution helps coaches plan and execute training sessions and track athletes’ progress. 

The IT Craft team launched the MVP app for basketball trainers. It expanded product functionality, including different kinds of sports competitions. 

Product operates: 7+ years

Active users: 6.000+

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Our clients' success stories.
We love to hear what they say about us.

Stories of people impressed by our service offerings


Martin Berg, Co-founder at 99coaches

“The Agile approach of IT Craft to develop the app is just meeting our needs perfectly to scale the product in the best possible way.”


Chris Scheid, Founder at MyCarrier

“They’re tremendous at documenting progress and follow through. Their diligence gives me more freedom to run my business.”


Charles Sakkal, Founder at eLaundry

“The whole team is much dedicated to the work which is something you can’t get at a lot of other software companies. There is a 100% transparency in the company which I love because I like to always know what’s going on.”

Let’s bring your
software to the next level

DevOps as a service enables our clients to decreased scaling costs

Pivot Today

Cooperation models

YYour requirements and requests might vary.
We know that. You can choose a pricing option that works best for your type of project.

  • Dedicated development team

    A dedicated team lets you overcome 64% of businesses' problems, including inflexibility and limited resources.

    The project manager tracks progress, balances load, scales team, etc.

    Best for:

    Long-term projects for which retaining a stable team is essential.

  • MVP development

    You save up to 30% of resources by prioritizing the most valuable features.

    The team works on product launches. It adds more features based on user feedback.

    Best for:

    Fastest-possible yet flexible product launch.

  • Staff augmentation

    You hire one or several engineers in just 2+ weeks instead of 2 – 6 months who report directly to you or your manager.

    You save up to 50% on direct and indirect costs. 

    Best for:

    When looking for a rapid boost or rare skills.

Our Process

  • Discovery

    From Day 1, you are surrounded with a value-driven approach to product planning and development. Our leading engineers and managers clarify and enrich your idea, turning it into an actionable plan.

    You launch faster and for less, based on IT Craft’s acquired expertise. Change management is simplified.

    We sign an NDA before any discussion starts to ensure your intellectual property is safe with us.

    Based on a Nielsen Norman Group study, 83% of respondents who did a discovery stage mentioned their project was a success, and 13% were neutral. 48% of respondents who skipped project discovery were disappointed with the received outcome.
    Itcraft logo IT Craft Team
  • Product design and planning

    After putting your vision in black and white, we determine scope, budget, timeline, and deliverables with you to align with your expectations.

    The team maps out a plan, designs system architecture, and prepares wireframes. 
    It prepares a clickable or tech prototype to eliminate risks when necessary.

    They [IT Craft engineers] make development easy for clients with more business expertise than technical savvy.
    Photo Chris Scheid, Co-founder, MyCarrier
  • Software development

    The team works on the technical implementation of your in fast-paced iterations. 
    You get a deliverable every 2 weeks, which enables you to test them and reevaluate the next steps.

    Fast response to emerging business challenges comes into the foreground. Your team switches flexibly to new priorities when your business needs them.

    As a startup, you will be doing planning all the time. You must be Agile, adapting to the changing business environment.
    Itcraft logo

    Volodymyr Borodin, Head of Web and Mobile Dev Development Department, PMP

  • Launch

    The development team develops, tests, and stabilizes the entire codebase. When it is ready, engineers deploy it on live servers and help you publish your apps in app stores if requested.

    The post-launch guarantee period starts, ensuring that the team stays with you in constant touch in case you need help.

    Follow the key steps to successful product implementation: a determined founder capable to solve users’ burning points, a solution path, and the right implementation partner, ready to go an extra mile for you.
    Itcraft logo IT Craft
  • Enhancements

    The team can help you with updates and upgrades while you are raising an investment.

    Or you can add more people to your project once you decide to grow and expand. We bring in more resources to help you cope with the surging scope of work effectively.

    At IT Craft, we focus on value-driven development. We determine what features bring you the most value for the least investment and find a cost-effective implementation. This enables you to improve your startup's sustainability.

    Egor Gatskalov, Head of Custom Software Dev Development Department, IT Craft

More services for you

  • Project discovery

    Do not let unexpected challenges
    happen. Eliminate the risks by

    learn more
  • MVP development

    Go with core features. Save on
    what users do not need or

    learn more
  • IT Consulting

    Expert outlook on your software plus practical recommendations on increasing your bottom line.  

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  • node.js


  • angular


  • vue


  • react

    React. JS

  • C#


  • Yii


  • HTML5


  • JavaScript


  • CSS3


  • Java


  • Symfony


  • .NET Core

    .NET Core

  • Python


  • PHP


  • Java


  • Objective-C


  • Flutter


  • Kotlin


  • Swift


  • React Native

    React Native

  • Xamarin


  • Ionic


  • Kubernetes


  • Docker


  • Terraform


  • Google Cloud Platfrom

    Google Cloud Platfrom

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

  • AWS


  • Chef


  • Puppet


  • Ansible


  • Bamboo


  • TeamCity


  • Github Actions

    Github Actions

  • GitlabCI


  • Jenkins


  • Zeplin


  • Figma


  • Adobe XD

    Adobe XD

  • Sketch


  • Balsamiq


  • InVision


  • SoapUI


  • Selenium


  • Apache JMeter

    Apache JMeter

  • SpecFlow


  • nUnit


  • Postman


industries where we excel

  • HealthTech

    Apps for doctors, CRM systems for clinics administration, patient data management solutions.

  • Logistics

    Warehouse management, asset tracking systems, route planning, and optimization software.

  • Fantasy Sports & Gaming

    White label fantasy sports software, flexible approach, any degree of customization.

  • FinTech

    Financial marketplaces, cryptocurrency trading solutions, payroll solutions.

  • Ecommerce

    Online stores, catalogs, POSs, retail shops.

  • Education

    Let users progress at a pace using your app for learning and practicing when they have a free minute.

questions from our clients

What happens after the first contact?

Here is our delivery routine:

1. Sign an NDA
2. Determine needs and goals
3. Prepare a proposal for development
4. Finalize details
5. Sign a contract
6. Develop software
7. Launch
8. Start post-launch guarantee support
9. Add new functionality upon user feedback

Do you work with a third-party codebase?

Yes, we work with third-party codebases. We can update or add new features to a codebase produced by third-party developers. To ensure we adhere to both deadlines and quality standards, we do a code inspection prior to starting the project.

Do you accept fixed-price projects?

Yes, this is possible for projects with a clearly defined scope. Send your requirements and we will provide you with a development path that suits you the best.

What are your payment terms?

For large projects, payments are due by milestones. After a sprint, you get a report with the working hours on the project and access to the new functionality. After you do acceptance testing, the payment is due.

For fixed-price projects, 50% of project price is due after project kick-off; the rest of the price is due after you sign off on project completion.

I don’t have a tech background. Can we establish cooperation?

Yes, of course. You get a solution for your business needs whether you have technical experience or not. Just like going to the dentist, you get quality service even if you have no medical background.

What details should I provide in a project specification?

There is nothing set in stone. Just describe your idea in as much detail as you are able.

Or schedule a meeting with our software developers. We note down your requirements, deadline, budget. The journey for a startup can then begin from idea to successful launch.

Another company has quoted a much lower price for the same feature list. Why shouldn’t I go with them?

The choice of a software development company is solely yours to make. However, you should always evaluate what is included in the proposal.

For instance, IT Craft proposals for software development for startups include all software development stages–documentation, design, development, testing, and launch. Post-launch guarantee is included.

Farshore companies charge lower rates but cultural misunderstandings are high. This could result in higher costs for you—much higher. Check with others who have used these companies about the quality delivered and whether or not deadlines were met.

How do I know you deliver quality?

A good developer delivers code with minimum bugs. We say “minimum” because it is impossible to get rid of ALL bugs.

Hence, it is important how developers handle and control them. This is why our developers:

  • write code based on coding standards
  • do regular code reviews
  • use code analyzers
  • refactor legacy code
    and more

Also, QA checks code quality using both manual and automated testing.
All this makes it possible to ensure product quality on a regular basis in both respects: development and testing.

Which is the best software development company?

The best software development company for startups is the one that manages to meet your expectations on price and robustness of processes.

Use the following criteria to select the best company for your project:

  • types of services – what skills and knowledge they provide in a specific area
  • project complexity – what types of projects they have handled successfully
  • testimonies – what other clients write about quality of their services
  • availability – how fast they can start working on your software
How long does startup software development take?

It depends on project scope and complexity.
Usually, project timeline is based on the following:

  • Prototype – 1 to 2 months
  • MVP – 4 to 6 months
  • Fully-featured software – 6 to 9 months (sometimes up to 15 months)
How do you communicate with your client?

To communicate, we use whatever works best for you: Zoom, Skype, Slack or WhatsApp.

You get access to your project in a management system. We use Jira, Trello, and Asana to monitor the development process.

Can you scale the project team?

Yes, we can scale our project team. We monitor how your project is progressing and add people if extra help is needed.

Do you offer support and maintenance?

Yes, we offer post-launch support and maintenance. The same team continues working on the app. We also assign a team of superheroes to support your servers.

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