At IT Craft, we believe that experience sharing is the first step to a successful launch. This is why the IT Craft team has turned accumulated experience into a collection of materials about software development to help your business grow.

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IT Staff Augmentation: Complete Implementation Guide 2024

Staff augmentation helps you find the right talents fast and at a reasonable cost. The guide explains how to start …

How to Create a Fantasy Sports Website: A Short Guide for Your Fantasy Football Project

An easy-to-follow guide on how to create a fantasy sports website. Start your fantasy sports website for a reasonable time …

IT Craft’s 2024 Guide to Quality Assurance and Testing: Key Concepts, Types, and Differences

IT Craft’s 2024 guide on QA for clients. All you need to know, including the difference between software testing and …

How to Budget App Development in 2024?

Costs to build an app explained from a software developer’s perspective. Check key statistics, breakdowns, and examples of app cost …

Essential Guide on How to Build a SaaS Application in 2024

Check out IT Craft’s guide on how to develop a SaaS application in 2024. Learn about SaaS development and converting …

DevOps Transformation Roadmap: How to Do It Right

DevOps transformation is one of the most effective ways to address challenges on a growing project. Here is how you …

Cost to Develop On-Demand Application [Features and Estimates Inside]

Costs to develop an on-demand delivery app in 2024: $133,500 and $186,000. More about on-demand delivery app costs, trends, and …

AI in FinTech: Here Is How It Empowers Next-Gen Solutions [2024 Guide]

Explore the opportunities of artificial intelligence in FinTech. We discuss market trends, challenges, and top examples of AI in FinTech …

Insights into Outsourcing Software Development in 2024: a Vendor’s Perspective

A short guide to outsourcing software development: insights, benefits, myths, and key points to consider.

IT Vendor Management Solutions: Strategies and Best Practices

Master IT vendor management with ITCraft’s strategic process, ensuring streamlined vendor relations and optimized service delivery.

What Is HR Automation? 2024 Guide on HR Process Improvement

An introduction to HR automation. Discover HR automation tools, examples, and best practices.

App Clips Opens Doors to Innovative Opportunities for Business and Startup Development

Apple App Clips are a game changer for businesses relying on user convenience. If you want users to use your …

Create a Crowdfunding Platform: Mastering Crowdfunding Software Development

Explore our guide: creating a crowdfunding platform, the costs, and app and website development steps.

Multiplayer AR Game: AR Balloon Shooter Raises to the Awesome Level

Multiplayer AR games are fun, not only playing but building, too. This article reflects the IT Craft team’s take on …

How to Deal with Underperforming Developers: A Practical Guide to Boosting Team Performance

If you think your software development team could be doing a better job, this guide is for you. Check out …

15 Best AI Business Ideas in 2024 That You Can Start Working on Today

Discover the most beneficial AI business ideas you should implement for creating truly great user experiences in 2024.

A Guide to Offshore Software Development Outsourcing in 2024: Advantages, Challenges, and Points to Consider

IT Craft’s 2024 guide to offshore development. Learn what stands behind successful offshore software development and how to use it …

Utilizing a Shopping Mall Navigation App for Indoor Navigation Inside Malls

Get ahead in 2024 with the top for iOS and Android. Stay competitive and captivate users.

2024 Guide: How to Implement AI in Your Business for Transformative Growth

Explore key strategies for AI implementation, driving business growth with transformative AI in business insights.

Telemedicine Technology Trends in 2024: Revolutionizing Healthcare’s Digital Future

Learn about top current and future trends in the telemedicine industry, plus key points to keep in mind for successful …

How To Сreate A Startup in 2024: 10 Essential Tips for Success

Launch a startup in 2024: Find your idea, build a business plan, and select the ideal development team.

What is a Warehouse Management System, and Why is Logistics Business not Possible Without WMS?

Exploring various WMS roles in logistics, highlighting why they’re essential for warehouse efficiency.

AI in Healthcare: Emerging Trends and Applications in 2024

Accenture reveals that AI could be augmented by AI 40% of healthcare providers’ work hours, and according to Forbes, it …

Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends In 2024 You Should Join

Get ahead in 2024 with the top for iOS and Android. Stay competitive and captivate users.

Precise Indoor Navigation – How To Be More Precise

Discover how high-precision indoor positioning systems enhance indoor navigation accuracy, merging cutting-edge tech for superior guidance.

AI Guide: How to Create Artificial Intelligence Software in 2024

Creating AI Tools in 2024: Essential Steps & Tips for Developing Advanced AI Software

Definitive Guide to the Best AI Tools for Business in 2024

Check out IT Craft’s ultimate list of the best AI tools for business. Use them for content creation, coding, meetings, …

Understanding devsecops: in-depth guide to its essentials

Discover DevSecOps: Learn best practices, key tools, and how they secure software development.

What is a Transportation Management System?

A guide on TMS basics. Here is what your business needs from a TMS to ensure fast and cost-effective deliveries.

Enterprise Software Development Explained: Benefits, Processes, and Best Practices to Keep a Close Eye on in 2024

Guide on enterprise software development. Key points to consider, benefits, and best practices to launch and maintain a high-performance system.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in 2024: a List and a How-to Guide

All software development companies look similar at a glance. But they are not. Here is advice on how to find …

How does LMS software development rank according to a development team? 

Unlock the step-by-step journey to crafting your LMS from scratch in our comprehensive guide.

Adaptive vs Responsive Web Design: Understanding the Differences

Discover how responsive and adaptive designs differ and their unique advantages and drawbacks in our concise overview.

Top Tips to Successfully Outsource Software Development

IT Craft’s ten tips for making outsourcing software development successful.

2024’s Top Open-Source Tools and Technologies: Best DevOps Instruments

IT Craft’s list of best DevOps tools for building robust apps and workflows.

Project Management for Startups Unpacked: A Guide for Seamless Collaboration

A Must-Know Guide in Effective Project Management for Startups [2024 Edition]

Short Guide to Patient-Centered Healthcare Mobile App Development

Revolutionize patient care with our healthcare mobile app and medical development services.

What Type of Remote Development Team Do You Need? (And How You Make the Right Choice)

Determine the ideal Remote Development Team for your project. Dive into team structures, benefits, and best-fit scenarios.

How to Outsource Web Development: Your Guide for Building a Win-Win Partnership [2023 Edition]

Unlock the costs and secrets of web development outsourcing. Dive into our guide for insights on pricing and mastering the …

Retail POSs: What You Must Know before Switching to Tablet Software

Retail POS systems: Never be tied to a heavy cash register again. 

Mobile App for Small Business: How Can It Be Helpful?

Unlock the potential of your small business with mobile app development. Learn how to create apps for enhanced customer engagement …

15 Best On-Demand Food Delivery Apps [+Top Tips to Build Yours]

Explore the ultimate guide to the 15 best on-demand food delivery apps and invaluable tips to help you create your …

What Is Logistics Management Software?

Your guide to increasing the effectiveness of logistics management software. 

Custom ERP or CRM System Development: Is the Game Worth the Candle?

Custom ERP and CRM system development: key points to successfully launch a tailored solution.

Looking for Mobile App Developer? Here Is Advice to Find an App Developer You Need

Are you looking for mobile app developers? Here are your six steps to identify, find, and hire the mobile development …

Three Project Management Mistakes That Cost You a Fortune

Knowing common project management mistakes is important. This post identifies emerging problems and offers solutions.

Five Reasons to Choose Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform technologies decrease costs and timelines—for most but not all. Read and check whether cross-platform app development is your best-case …