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2024’s Top Open-Source Tools and Technologies: Best DevOps Instruments

IT Craft’s list of best DevOps tools for building robust apps and workflows.

Project Management for Startups Unpacked: A Guide for Seamless Collaboration

A Must-Know Guide in Effective Project Management for Startups [2024 Edition]

Short Guide to Patient-Centered Healthcare Mobile App Development

Revolutionize patient care with our healthcare mobile app and medical development services.

What Type of Remote Development Team Do You Need? (And How You Make the Right Choice)

Determine the ideal Remote Development Team for your project. Dive into team structures, benefits, and best-fit scenarios.

How to Outsource Web Development: Your Guide for Building a Win-Win Partnership [2023 Edition]

Unlock the costs and secrets of web development outsourcing. Dive into our guide for insights on pricing and mastering the …

Retail POSs: What You Must Know before Switching to Tablet Software

Retail POS systems: Never be tied to a heavy cash register again. 

Mobile App for Small Business: How Can It Be Helpful?

Unlock the potential of your small business with mobile app development. Learn how to create apps for enhanced customer engagement …

15 Best On-Demand Food Delivery Apps [+Top Tips to Build Yours]

Explore the ultimate guide to the 15 best on-demand food delivery apps and invaluable tips to help you create your …

What Is Logistics Management Software?

Your guide to increasing the effectiveness of logistics management software. 

Custom ERP or CRM System Development: Is the Game Worth the Candle?

Custom ERP and CRM system development: key points to successfully launch a tailored solution.

Looking for Mobile App Developer? Here Is Advice to Find an App Developer You Need

Are you looking for mobile app developers? Here are your six steps to identify, find, and hire the mobile development …

Three Project Management Mistakes That Cost You a Fortune

Knowing common project management mistakes is important. This post identifies emerging problems and offers solutions.

Five Reasons to Choose Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform technologies decrease costs and timelines—for most but not all. Read and check whether cross-platform app development is your best-case …

Discovery Phase in Software Development: Comprehensive Guide

Unraveling the significance of the software discovery phase. Navigate this transformative journey with confidence!

B2B Order Management Software: Comprehensive Guide for Food Manufacturers

Explore the B2B order management software world and learn how it can transform how food manufacturers handle orders. Optimize operations, …

30 Top Software Ideas for Startups in 2023: Innovative Solutions for Your Success

Explore innovative software concepts to fuel your startup’s success. Stay ahead of the curve with these cutting-edge software ideas.

Angular vs. React: Which is Better for Web Development?

Unending debates. Both Angular and React could be a good option for building your next Web application. We discuss the …

The Best Time to Create a Restaurant App Is Now. Here Is Your Guide

Learn how to create a restaurant app that revolutionizes your business in 2023. Explore the benefits and the four essential …

Apple Vision Pro: Is It Time to Develop an App?

Apple Vision Pro makes mass-market AR closer than ever, making businesses think about AR-first apps. Here are the most important …

How Much Does It Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

The average cost of a WP website can vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. …

How Much Does It Cost to Create Your Website in 2024?

The question “How much does it cost to create a website” has no clear-cut answer. A business website might cost …

DevOps for Startups: Agile is not Enough for Successful App Development

DevOps as a Service is a worthwhile investment for startups seeking optimization and enhancements. Here is how it works and …

Startups: Tech Trends, Statistics, Incorporation Tips, and Forecasts [2023 update]

Here are the most important 2023 tech startup trends for you, accompanied by a list of startup-friendlies companies.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App in 2023?

Costs to build an app explained from a software developer’s perspective. Check key statistics, breakdowns, and examples of app cost …

DevOps Transformation Roadmap: How to Do It Right

DevOps transformation is a strategic move and one of the most effective ways to addressing challenges on a growing project. …

How to Create an Online Marketplace MVP: Your Step-by-step Guide 2023

Follow the long-term trend on digital transformation by launching an MVP marketplace. Here is a comprehensive guide containing essential steps, …

What is MVP in Software Development? A Guide on Building Successful Digital Products

MVP development is used for cost-savvy software launches. Here is how it works. IT Craft guide to MVP development includes …

How to Hire the Best Software Developers?

Hiring the best software developer is challenging due to a global talent shortage. Challenging but possible. Here are specific points …

How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost?

Several factors determine scope and complexity of custom software development, resulting in “tangible” numbers. Check out these factors and their …

In-House Recruitment vs. IT Staff Augmentation: Which Is Best for Your Project?

Expertise and team productivity are critical factors for success. To remain competitive, businesses hire developers or look for external experts. …

How to Create a Fitness App: Steps, Facts, and Numbers

Apart from passion, creating a fitness app requires a well-thought-out plan containing important details and milestones. This guide is here …

Complete Guide to Nearshoring Software Development [2023 Update]

The high demand for software development services for startups keeps growing. Neither the economy nor public health challenges deter this …

Telemedicine App Development: Guide for Startups, the Future of Good Healthcare for All

Telemedicine software is a gains popularity. Yet, a profitable solution requires expertise and patience. Here is what you need to …

How to Find the Best Programmers for Your Startup in 2023

You need a team of experienced professionals to launch your project on time and on budget. Here is how you …

iBeacon Development for Retail: Why Retailers Need It

Context-based notifications, faster checkout, and personalized experiences—iBeacon apps ‘extend’ brick-and-mortar shops. Here is how it works.

All About Automated Trading Strategies: How It Works

Trade automation using software is a fundamental instrument for making profits. Here is how it works.

Ext JS explained + Advantages vs. Disadvantages 

As with any tools, specifics make the difference between good and bad apps. Here is what you should know about …

How Much Does It Cost to Build an MVP? Calculating MVP Prices [2024 UPDATE]

How much do I need to cover MVP costs and test my business idea? Will it be $15,000? $50,000? $250,000?

How Do We Estimate Costs of Startup Development?

Realistic estimates are the watershed between experienced and inexperienced engineers. The former can handle different types of requests. Yet, degree …

IT Market in Ukraine During Wartime

Ukrainian IT industry keeps responding to emerging wartime challenges. Here is what companies do to ensure uninterrupted deliveries.

DevOps Outsourcing: Everything You Need to Know to Get a Solid Start

DevOps outsourcing saves you development and maintenance money. Upgrades are faster. Software stability increases. Here we discuss the basics of …

Algorithmic Trading Software Development: Comprehensive Guide for Startups

Algorithmic trading, how to make an excellent platform for algor trade, and much more what is served in the article.

Stock Trading Platform Development: What It Takes to Build One

How to create a user-centric stock trading apps that allows startups to get prominent engagement results. Find out essential features …

Infrastructure Optimization: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

IT infrastructure optimization is the key to keeping pace with evolving business needs. Here is our guide to an uninterrupted …

Why Should Your Business Adopt DevOps Today: Benefits & Challenges Explained

Businesses facing digital growth challenges often set DevOps as their top priority.

How to Develop Profitable ERP Software for Logistics Management

ERP software for the logistics industry requires time, investment, and in-depth expertise in business.

Most Profitable Crypto Trading Strategies: Tips and Tricks

Easy to learn, hard to master. Crypto trading seems simple. It is not. Winning crypto trading strategies requires more than …