Why do I need a website when I do not sell online?

Trending now: people go online first then go to brick-and-mortar stores. It is a matter of convenience – their convenience. If you do not have a website, your business – no matter how great it is – won’t be included on their shopping list.

Even if you run a local business, your website works 24/7 providing information your customers’ need (e.g., location, open hours, phone number, catalogs, price lists, etc.).

Remember: increasingly, customers purchase online. When you decide to implement online payment and delivery options, your reach encircles the globe. You get a worldwide audience for the cost of website maintenance.

How much does it cost to develop a website?

As with any type of construction work, costs are based on requirements – on the scope of the project. For website development, costs depend on time needed for implementation of desired functionality and technological complexity. Of course, you need to get a clear picture what your idea will cost you. Ask our sales team for a quote – absolutely hassle free. Moreover, we help you accommodate your budget or choose specific technologies exactly right for you.

How long does the website development take?

Timeline, too, depends on the scope of the project. A small project (up to 10 pages) takes 3-5 weeks (as soon as we have the needed content). We spend this time working on validation of project requirements, design, coding, testing and launch. More you can read here.

What does the development process look like?

We use Agile Scrum approach for our development process as the most convenient way to deliver all desired functionality within the specified timeline.

Who will be my contact during the development phase?

Your project manager and the sales manager are simply a phone or Skype call away. Also, email – or any other means you find reliable to track the progress of your project or request changes.

Do you have any payment terms?

For small projects, we require 50% payment at the start of the development. The remaining 50% is due after we launch your website. Clients with middle- or long-term projects pay by milestones.

Can you help with a domain name and web hosting?

Yes, we provide those services. For more information, please contact our partners YourServerAdmin.

Another company offered to charge me one-tenth your price for the same features. Why should I not choose it?

Certainly, it is up to you to decide whom. Remember: a lower price up front does not mean a lower price in the long run. The age-old adage, “Penny wise and pound foolish,” applies to website building also. Your first decision: do you want a customized solution or template-based [cookie cutter] website. Customization means you have high quality, support, and money-back guarantee. Template-based website does not.


I have an idea for a mobile application: where should I begin?

We recommend you run a study to determine your audience and your goals.

How will the app help your business grow?

Decide what you would like to do with your new app. Some options include:

  • automate your business
  • promote it
  • create and manage a user base
  • sell something
  • provide services

Your best plan forward:
1. Write down your vision and a list of requirements for your future app.
2. Show the list to a sales manager.
3. Ask for a quote. (It is absolutely free in our company.)
4. If you accept our estimate, it is time to discuss implementing your ideas as specific features.

You can find more information in our blog post “What should you do before you hire an iPhone developer”.

What mobile platform is better to start with: iOS or Android?

You have several options for mobile app development. Your choice depends on your aims. We recommend you determine the right audience and their specific needs. To ensure you target the correct audience, do some research before you start development.

Below are the main points on the options you can apply:

  • When you target a loyal audience that will pay for the app or will make in-app purchases, you should probably try iPhone development.
  • When you consider a corporate or an industrial app (e.g., an app for flights RocketRoute), you should think about an iPad version for your solution. Please note: iPad extension updates might require a separate app with a lot of code to be rewritten.
  • With an Android app, you can reach a wider audience and earn on ads. This type is popular for education, entertainment, and various utilities (e.g., fitness trackers).
    Apart from native apps, there are web-based and hybrid apps suited for quick prototyping or for budget solutions as they target all mobile devices (and desktops too).
  • Also, apps can be developed via cross-platform frameworks that allow sharing an essential part of the code i.e., target both iOS and Android platforms with the same code. This way, Windows Phones can also run your app.

I need a mobile version of my website – should this be an application?

There are at least two possible scenarios when you might need an app.
a. Your users need to work offline, so your web-based service will operate the cached data.
b. If your service has essential features that your customers use instantly (e.g., mobile payment), you want to provide optimized access to them.

How will I be able to test my mobile application?

After each iteration, we incorporate all changes and provide you with updates, so you can test the app beta on your own devices. Also, we grant you access to our testing servers with your running app on them—experience your new app and how it functions before you get the final version!

Submission to mobile stores – how does this happen?

Both the App Store and Android Market Place have established their proprietary regulations to prevent fraud and malware.
In order to get published in the Apple store, you need an Apple ID ($99 a year). Activation usually takes up to 15 days. After you activate your account, upload your app and send it for approval: takes up to 10 business days.

To have a presence in the Android App Store, you need a developer account on the Android Market Place (costs $25, single fee). Upload your app: available within hours – much quicker than at Apple.

Contact us anytime for help: it is always our pleasure to help our clients publish their app(s) in the desired store.

What if I need to update my mobile application?

Like other software, mobile apps need maintenance and updates even if it does not happen often. Included below are standard issues:

  • Security vulnerabilities. Always a critical concern, especially when your app handles sensitive data. We recommend you faithfully monitor security logs: a security hole can provide access to your customers’ phone numbers, contacts, messages, credit card numbers and/or PayPal account. If a hacker breaches your security and steals your customers’ personal information, you lose their trust – and their business!
  • Bug Fixes. Every app requires bug fixes. No matter whether you deliver your product as quickly as possible or insist on thorough coding, your app could still contain some minor bugs that do not violate normal use, so you can keep using the app without any fixes. However, when bugs do appear, it is better to fix them than to lose users. We do not leave you on your own after the release of your app; we provide support and warranty within the planned scope. And, we always fix issues caused by our code.
  • New features and functionality improvements. A common scenario: to test user interest, product owner starts with a minimal feature list. Interest builds with the app, or becomes popular and owner/innovator gets user feedback. Product owner might choose either to redesign some features or develop new ones – then release them as an update.
  • OS update. OS updates tend to cause issues for any existing app: some features won’t function properly on the new system. Two scenarios for redeveloping your app: 1] current users migrate to the new OS (chances are it might take them long enough to update your app); or 2] you choose to target devices with the new OS onboard as your main platform.

Please note: our developers do their best to update apps, but there can still be issues; by the time the new OS is released, apps might not always function correctly. We ask for your patience and understanding.

I have an existing website/mobile application; is it possible to update it? How?

Mobile apps vary widely both in code and architecture complexity. Because of this, it is impossible to say specifically before our developers see the code and test the functionality.

Contact our managers and order our code inspection service. When we see both the code and code requirements, we can provide you with an estimate on the required scope of work and inform you of your most relevant options.