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Advanced web development services

IT Craft, the custom web development company that makes your idea a reality.
Choose among many options.

  • Web apps for any screen sizes
  • Custom website development
  • MVP development for startups
  • Ecommerce development
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Third-party integrations
  • API development
  • SaaS solutions for business

Case Studies

Check out these case studies from the 2,250+ projects custom web application development company IT Craft completed and launched for hundreds of satisfied customers. Read just a few examples of IT Craft’s custom web development services that met all challenges and kept deadlines.

Web platform

Based in NYC, Adorama is one of the biggest retailers of photography equipment and customer electronics worldwide. It needed an ecommerce solution showcasing its extensive catalog, constantly-changing discounts, special offers, and more. Its online shop should quickly respond to the myriad challenges of customer retention.
IT Craft dedicated a team of 50+ developers to help Adorama’s onsite team with back-end programming, automated testing, server administration, and other activities to ensure immediate website response and 99.9% uptime.

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Web platform

eLaundry is a special, custom-built CRM system that assists both laundry businesses and customers. For users, it lets them quickly order laundry services in a stress-free, secure, digital manner. For laundry services, it ensures online data management and automation of routine operations, including scheduling, cost calculations, moving orders through delivery queues, etc. It also ensures orders are efficiently processed.
Cooperation with IT Craft started with bug fixing. After the IT Craft development team proved their expertise, the workload extended to help finish the system.

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Web platform

XPERTyme is an extensive platform for payable video conferences. Group and one-on-one calls are possible. For experts, the system automates the entire administration process. They can even use XPERTyme as a white-label solution for their own services.
IT Craft developers started with a trial task. They soon took over the project to help the client launch the MVP on time. The same team became a strategic partner working on system expansion and multiple improvements.

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Web development addressed to meet different needs

You get all the Web app development services needed to keep end users more than satisfied with your high-quality software.

  • Business process automation

    Optimized workflow saves money. The development team carries out interviews with stakeholders. The team determines how to optimally reach project aims and develops source code accordingly.

  • Project rescue

    A deadline is fast approaching but the solution is far from being complete. The team determines a viable development strategy and implements it within the set timeline. Maintenance is also an option.

  • Software modernization

    Costs of maintaining old software increase but businesses can seldom abandon them. The development team gradually replaces old modules with new source code while also heeding stakeholders’ requests.

  • SaaS

    The best services are available for users 24/7/365. The team develops Web apps from simple to super complex. They determine project scope, deliver source code, optimize consumption of resources, and ensure scalability.

  • Rearchitecting and reengineering

    Addressing demands of a growing project in a timely way is crucial. Custom web development services provided for already-existing products often focus on rethinking and solution redevelopment to cope with increasing number of users.

  • MVP development

    Fast launch of a working product is crucial to a startup’s success. A development team focuses on delivering key features within the shortest possible time frame. To succeed, you need to be at the front of the pack with new ideas. First out, you get early adopters who tell their friends. Yours become the product they turn to and use.


IT Craft is myriad customers’ go-to custom web development company. For over 20 years, IT Craft has helped companies of all sizes establish and expand their online presence.

IT Craft’s developers have expertise in a wide range of web development solutions for.

  • eCommerce

    Retail and wholesale businesses need custom website development services and Web app development to ensure their digital stores have the same, high quality of customer services.

  • On-demand services

    Users can order services from their chosen provider, negotiate on price, and choose a suitable option—all online.

  • Healthcare

    Web services let users securely exchange patient information, manage appointments, or establish teleconsultation.

  • eLearning

    eLearning platforms provide training people need. They can start interactive exercises, take tests, or find a tutor.

  • Logistics

    Platform owners collect, analyze, and make sense of big data. They can optimize a supply chain and enhance communication between suppliers.

  • Social networks

    Social networking is key to engagement. Users benefit from fresh, exclusive content. Businesses get loyal, engaged audiences.



  • Languages

    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • C#
    • PHP
  • Front-end

    • React
    • Angular
    • Vue.js
    • Flutter
  • Back-end

    • LAMP
    • .NET/.NET Core
    • Node.js
  • Database

    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • MS SQL
  • Search

    • Elasticsearch
  • Cloud

    • AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Digital Ocean
  • Geolocation

    • Google Maps
    • OpenStreetMap
  • Payments

    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Any other with API
  • Testing

    • SoapUI
    • Selenium
    • JMeter
    • Unit testing

IT Craft’s path to a successful web development process

Below are necessary steps from app ideas to working Web applications:


Clear vision and understanding of project requirements

Planning and estimates

Roadmap with scope, timeline, and team squad

Website or Web app development

Design, front end, and back end of Web apps / websites

Launch Web applications

Available to end users online

1-3 month guarantee period

Bugs fixes in Web apps / websites included

Support and maintenance

Updates to Web applications, fix bugs, and eliminate downtime

Why choose IT Craft for custom web development?

As a custom web development company, IT Craft provides all technical services needed for a successful project launch.
Working with IT Craft provides you with indirect benefits including source code quality and costs.

This is why clients choose IT Craft’s custom web development services:

  • Immediate start

    Tell us your project details. Get a project roadmap. Discuss your best options. Sign a contract. Work on your Web project begins with no delay.

  • Transparency

    You participate in Sprint planning. At the end of each Sprint, you get a detailed report displaying scope of work done. You get a new piece of functionality—something that shows progress and you can test on your own. You always know what you pay for.

  • Adherence to CI/CD

    When required, a Web development team works in tight collaboration with DevOps. DevOps automates routine tasks and optimizes web app resources for greater efficiency. This ensures software consistency and saves on both custom website development services and maintenance costs.

  • Flexibility

    We keep open dialogue with our clients. The team works using the Agile method focusing on your priorities and ensuring no money is wasted on web development services you no longer need.

  • Full-cycle development

    The same development team supervises your project during the post-launch guarantee period. The team ensures your app works flawlessly and eliminates discovered bugs.

  • Equal treatment

    Our clients have different needs. They benefit from an individual scope of custom web development services. Our goal—always—is to deliver the best product to our clients at the most reasonable price. On time. On budget. This is all that matters.

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  • 1 What are Web development services?

    Web development services vary wildly. Here are a few most popular custom web programming services:

    • custom website development
    • SaaS application development
    • ecommerce solutions
    • custom CRM system development
    • test automation
    • business process automation
  • 2 Is Web development still in demand in 2021?

    Indeed, it is. The demand for digital services keeps growing with no sign of diminishing in the future. Now is the best time to start implementing your idea as a Web application.

  • 3 Which is best for web development?

    There is no “best” technology for custom Web programming. Scope and nature of custom web development services depend on project complexity and timeline, number of users, plus many more factors. We recommend discussing the best tech stack for your idea with your Web development team when starting a project. It often opens doors to new and better ways.

  • 4 What do web app development services include?

    This depends on the client’s needs. Usually, web app development services include, but are not limited to:

    • business analysis
    • design
    • front-end/back-end development
    • QA
    • launch/software delivery
    • maintenance

    The same steps also apply to custom website development services.