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Put your web business interests in good, safe hands. You need: Experienced teams. Flexible workflow. On-schedule delivery. Whatever your needs in web development services, IT Craft has your back on the technical side of your business.

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What we do

This is where IT Craft never fails:

  • Build new systems, ranging from simple CMS-powered websites to complex SaaS applications hosted on server clusters
  • Update and upgrade already existing services
  • Test and optimize source code
  • Port old systems onto modern platforms
  • Fine-tune app infrastructure for optimal resource consumption
  • Ensure timely, consistent delivery of new features…

…everything needed to keep your users satisfied with the quality of your software.

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Here are some of the most significant case studies from the 2,250+ web development projects IT Craft has completed and launched for their clients.

Software Development Outsourcing Company
Web Project
Based in NYC, Adorama, one of the biggest retailers of photography equipment and customer electronics worldwide, needed to respond quickly to the challenges of keeping customers who shop online.
Its store offers a vast choice of devices and gear. Hence, they needed an ecommerce solution reflecting their vast catalog, constantly changing discounts, special offers and more.
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Software Development Outsourcing Company
Web Project
eLaundry is a special custom-built CRM system that helps laundry businesses and their customers in many ways. For users, it lets them order laundry services in a stress-free digital manner. For laundries, it ensures online data management and automation of routine operations—scheduling, cost calculations, moving orders through delivery queue, etc. It also ensures orders are processed the best way possible.
Cooperation with IT Craft started with bug fixing. After the IT Craft development team proved their worth, the workload extended to help finish the system.
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Software Development Outsourcing Company
Web Project
Trip Planning Master
The Trip Planning Master Web app provides travelers with all the tools and information they need to start planning their next journey. The app provides a set of prepared templates plus all resources to plan a customized trip.
TPM startup team had some source code already available and needed a company who could speed up the development process. IT Craft’s dedicated team took over the project immediately after the startup had selected our outsourcing development company as their next service provider. The IT Craft team wrote the app’s source code.
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  • Business process automation

    Web services help gather and process data while improving a company’s workflow, scheduling, data access and management between involved teams.

  • WordPress

    A powerful CMS for fast website development. Suitable for everyone who wants to run a simple online store or have a reliable solution for an online presence.


    Your best platform option when you already use MS products and plan to integrate your app with other components of your system.

  • Test automation

    By simulating various processes, test automation makes it possible to run checks at any time on whether the tested software can withstand negative scenarios.

  • SPA

    Single-page applications (SPA) are dynamic web pages used as configurators, calculators, and so on. They can be accessed from all devices with a web browser.

  • Startup booster kit

    The startup booster kit for startup solutions is a special package of pre-made modules to speed up the initial web development stage and shorten time-to-market.

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Immediate start

You tell us your project details. We prepare a project roadmap for you. Together we discuss the best options for you. When you like what you see, we sign a contract and start working without delay.


Detailed reports

After each Sprint (2-4 weeks) is over, you have a piece of functionality—something that shows progress and which you can test on your own. Also, you get a detailed report displaying what work was done on the project and how much time every activity took. You always know what you pay for.


Adherence to CI/CD

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are special workflows aimed at faster, stable releases. Web development team works in tight collaboration with DevOps. The latter automates routine tasks and optimizes resources the web app consumes. This ensures software consistency and saves on both website development services and maintenance costs.


Flexibility and honesty

Firm, inflexible adherence to a once-created, but now outdated plan too often means businesses spend money on custom web development services they no longer need. We understand that and offer a new path to respond to new challenges.
You need to know: When we see that something is not feasible or does not fit in with your specified timeline or budget, we tell you upfront. Honesty is key to delivering your app—on time and within budget.


Post-launch support and maintenance

Our team does not disappear once your app solution is online and leave you with no support. We stay to help you fine tune your Web app during our post-launch guarantee period eliminating bugs if/when any arise. Also, there is 24/7/365 proactive server management team whose sole task is to ensure your service is available anytime, anywhere.



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