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DevOps Services

Scale smart. Speed up delivery. Reduce downtime.
You can get it all with IT Craft’s DevOps consulting services.

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Is now the time to revise your DevOps strategy?

DevOps consulting services efficiently and effectively address your concerns about:

  • Moving from traditional infrastructure to a cloud-native solution

    Transferring software to cloud native maximizes cloud benefits, including dynamically handling resources, increasing performance and stability.

  • Optimizing deployment flow

    Process automation eliminates human error from routine processes, creating consistency. It frees up resources for priority tasks.

  • Uniting Dev and Ops teams’ efforts on the project

    Determining the best tools for both development and maintenance teams harmonizes efforts during a Sprint and speeds up workflow.

  • Consistent delivery throughout development cycle

    DevOps engineers design and control a smooth, super-efficient pipeline for all source code updates. They ensure the same environment is deployed within minutes at every stage.

  • Keeping up with industry
    best practices

    Providing constant project improvement is the essence of a DevOps culture. Reach peak performance by adjusting processes and infrastructure based on your cloud providers’ recommendations.

  • Securing your infrastructure

    Security becomes a crucial component of the optimization process to keep infrastructure and sensitive information safe.

Do you want to benefit from a DevOps approach to software delivery?

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DevOps services

At IT Craft, you get all crucial DevOps consulting and audits from industry experts for your business needs. Our team excels in everything needed for troubleshooting, source code optimization, and constant monitoring.

Provided services include but are not limited to:

  • CI/CD
  • DevSecOps
  • Microservices
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Monitoring & Logging

How we work

Five-star DevOps services are possible with these five steps. IT Craft has designed and implemented a unique approach to constant project optimization, including:

  • Initial assessment

    analyze system limitations and requirements.

    • Check current infrastructure for potential bottlenecks.
    • Gather project requirements.
  • Creating a roadmap of improvements

    make a detailed plan on system improvement.

    • Create an architecture diagram.
    • Compose a list of tasks that need to be implemented.
    • Provide a high-level cost estimate for resources.
    • Estimate required working hours.
  • Implementation

    deliver improvements on a project.

    • Implement a solution according to plan and timeline.
  • Performance analysis

    make sure everything works as initially planned.

    • Create performance test cases using one of the automation tools.
    • Carry out stress testing of the application.
  • 24/7/365 support

    make sure everything works as initially planned.

    • Add application to the monitoring system.
    • Configure alerts for support engineers.
    • Create disaster recovery plans for infrastructure.


  • Infrastructure as a Code
    • icon AWS cloudformation
    • icon Helm

    • icon Terraform
    • icon Azure ARM Templates
  • CI/CD
    • icon Jenkins
    • icon AWS CodePipeline
    • icon TeamCity
    • icon Azure DevOps
    • icon Bitbucket
    • icon GitLab
    • icon GitHub Actions
  • Automation and orchestration
    • icon Ansible
    • icon Puppet
    • icon Python
    • icon Python
    • icon Kubernetes
    • icon Docker
  • Cloud and infrastructure providers
    • icon Amazon Web Services
    • icon Google Cloud

    • icon Azure
    • icon DigitalOcean
  • Monitoring & Logging
    • icon DataDog
    • icon Prometheus
    • icon Nagios
    • icon ElasticSearch
    • icon Kibana
    • icon Grafana
    • icon Amazon CloudWatch

Continuous business delivery pipeline with DevOps consulting

Fast, consistent deliveries: what you get—every time.

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This is what customers tell us about services IT Craft teams have provided on their projects:

They always try to find solutions for any problem that comes up, whether it’s an additional workload or having to come up with a creative fix to a technical or organizational issue.

Founder, fintech startup, UK

The team makes good suggestions that not only make their life easier as a developer but also make the product better in the long run as well.

VP, Hospital staff company, USA