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AR/VR marketing

Do you want to produce breath-taking marketing?

...marketing that stops people in their tracks to watch and listen to what you say?

Do you want to increase your brand awareness?

Or showcase your products to a global audience?

You can. With AR/VR marketing.

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Key Augmented and Virtual Reality marketing services

Customers love knowing exactly what they will get from you. And people love being entertained. Give them both.

Enrich your existing strategy with innovative AR and VR marketing apps. Showcase your products in real colors, sizes, and dimensions. Deliver top-notch experiences at home, in a park, or inside your store.

To succeed—and succeed greatly—always be available when and where your customers want to try out your products.
AR/VR marketing works for you 24/7/365.

IT Craft experts build a solid tech base for uncompromised AR/VR marketing.

AR catalogs

Let customers visualize your products in real-life context. Encourage them to base their decisions by virtually holding products listed in your catalog. Save them time from having to search through endless unboxing videos.

Features delivery
Features delivery

AR/VR loyalty programs for retail

Add AR/VR functionality to your loyalty app as a part of a gamification strategy. Increase fun. Encourage customers to spend time with your brand.

AR/VR for conferences and trade shows

Make the most of limited booth space when presenting your entire product lineup. AR and VR marketing gives visitors visual reasons to discuss your offers with you.

Features delivery
Features delivery

Augmented branding materials

Enhance static pictures and texts with dynamic, interactive content. Add 3D models, videos, and mini-games to your existing branding materials. Help customers quickly see all the benefits your products offer. Make it fun to learn!

Not sure what is best for your business?

Contact us today to discuss them. It’s all possible!

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Why invest in AR/VR marketing?

VR/AR benefits in marketing for businesses include:

  • 1 Wide adoption

    One-third of consumers already use AR apps on a regular basis. When yours is ready, so are they—they are waiting for you.

    If customers must choose between AR/VR or just words, they choose AR/VR.

    Informative while also entertaining. A win-win.

  • 2 Expand brand visibility

    Increase your brand awareness. AR and VR apps engage users by linking their positive emotions with your brand.

  • 3 Increase field sales

    Transform customer habits through AR catalogs, visual configurators, and interactive branded apps. Decrease waiting time and increase customer satisfaction.

  • 4 Grow ecommerce sales

    AR/VR apps make the “try-before-you-buy” principle possible. Customers make an informed decision about your products from the comfort of their home.

  • 5 Give clear AR/VR instructions

    When customers need to assemble or use your products, AR/VR apps visualize instructions.

    AR/VR makes it easy for them. They will tell others.

    Satisfied customers: your best marketing of all.

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What makes IT Craft a top-rated go-to tech partner?

IT Craft developers excel at delivering top-quality solutions to the clients. Any size. Any complexity.
This is why our clients, businesses, and marketing companies using VR, AR and 360 videos rank IT Craft among the best:

  • Fast project set up

    IT Craft’s in-depth experience and best practices throughout its 20+ years in business means our clients benefit from our expertise and efficiency. Getting-to-market time is precious. We determine what you need and which of our teams can do it for you—fast.

  • All-included approach

    Your team includes all specialists (BA, mobile, back end, DevOps, and others) needed to deliver your project on time.

  • Diverse skills

    We have 300+ engineers; we can find all the experts required for your project. Need someone with a rare skill set for AR/VR technology in marketing ? No problem. They work on your project.
    We take the worry away from you.