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Lean Canvas

What is Lean

Lean Canvas presents your strategy in 9 building blocks, which you can easily revise on one page when you refine or change assumptions. With us, you have more.

We have added 3 extra blocks to help you keep track of all significant business aspects:

  • Challenges and Considerations
  • Competitors list
  • Alternative solutions

Why use this Lean Canvas Generator?

  • It is powered by ChatGPT-4 Turbo, the most advanced AI-generation model to date. 
  • Our Lean Canvas automatically elaborates the generated results. 
  • You save up to 20 hours of your effective time on initial problem searches, competitors, and idea decomposition.
  • Reinvest saved time in growth and improvements.

Why we created Lean Canvas Generator?

During 20+ years of working on startups, we have experienced many times that startup founders come only with a rough idea and need help with turning it into a strategy.

This is why our AI team has applied IT Craft’s acquired expertise to help startups decrease time needed to design a strategy and launch faster.


Your startup idea

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A mobile app that helps to connect athletes with coaches seeking young talents in the USA.

A review platform like Trustpilot.

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Ecommerce, retail

Online sales

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Your audience

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Customers looking for decent quality at a fair price; independent brands that want to enhance digital sales channel

Interesting brands and their customers

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