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WordPress is probably the most popular CMS today. Millions of websites were built on this platform. Great functionality and scalability, keeping up with the latest trends of web development – that’s what makes WordPress attractive for website owners.

What you get if you hire our WordPress developers:

  • analysis of your project objectives and tasks;
  • high technology implementation;
  • creative and effective solutions;
  • a reliable business partner;
  • professional custom WordPress development;
  • quality guarantee.

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What’s So Great About WordPress services?

1) It’s easy to install and work with

Only 5-10 minutes between installation and your first article or blog publication.

2) Unrivaled functional scalability

A great variety of plugins that provide:

  • SEO support – a user-friendly URL, automated site map generation, editing robots.txt;
  • national language support;
  • different types of sliders;
  • useful widgets compiled to the themes;
  • great-looking main menu;
  • showing statistics on views, posts and pages hits;
  • social media integration;
  • contact forms and other forms customization;
  • integrated newsletters;
  • custom entities like Testimonials, Portfolio Items, Products, etc., for management.

3) Good support

There are tons of information on WordPress on the Internet, as well as numerous online WordPress communities and plugins that make the platform an easy-to-maintain solution.

4) Good mobile edition customization

The recent WordPress versions have tended to support a wide range of mobile devices. In the first place, there’s a responsive admin area where all the controls and charts are tailored to fit in with the screen resolution of mobile devices; there’s also a wide choice of responsive themes. Now you can hardly imagine the world without smartphones and tablets, so WordPress mobile themes are becoming a standard.

5) Great choice of paid and free themes

In many cases, WordPress customization development service is easy – you merely change the color scheme, add a logo and a background, and don’t need to redesign the theme. However, if you want a really recognizable and bespoke custom WordPress design, you should ask an experienced web developer for help. ThemeForest is probably one of the best marketplaces to sell and buy themes. Thousands of themes for all of the popular CMS, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, can be found there.

WordPress For Business : Models of Use

There are various options of WordPress business use: a plain blog where you can publish articles, a company or individual portfolio, a small online store, an employment website.

Let’s consider each of the models separately:

A corporate websiteProbably the most common area of WordPress use. A corporate website is a place where business owners can present information about themselves and share news and updates with their audience. A great variety of custom WordPress themes were created for this model. Here are the most interesting ones: Responsive

A company or an individual portfolio. It’s used when the site owner wants to draw attention to their business and offer a set of services, while showing his previous works. Portfolios are most commonly used by IT companies, creative agencies, photographers, etc.

Small online stores. This is quite a popular model of WordPress use at the moment. This area has been developing with the launch of WooThemes that offers WooCommerce plugin and a set of themes. They are customized so that it’s easy to create a store and to work with it.

Note that WooCommerce can be considered a robust e-commerce plugin, as it includes all the necessary modules from Product Management to Ordering, Payment and Shipping. You might ask why it can only be used for online stores with a simplistic design a small number of customers and daily visits. The answer may be in the CMS architecture. WordPress database is not optimized for a large number of users and if you have many customers you’ll most probably have to invest into hosting, which means upgrading the hardware (getting a better CPU, more memory). WordPress E-commerce plugins are mostly optimized for the simplest processes that take place while buying and selling items. It won’t be able to support a more sophisticated E-commerce logic. That’s why, if you expect your business to grow and are going to implement more complex business processes, you should, from the beginning, consider getting a custom web solution or a an E-commerce solution using one of the E-commerce platforms like Magento.

Employment websites. Just like the previous kind of solutions, they are built with the help of plugins and custom WordPress themes. Here we should pay special attention to the JobRoller Theme that includes the minimum essential functionality to build this type of websites. WordPress web development of employment platforms has the same disadvantages as the previous model of use, that is, limited functionality, poor scalability for high data volumes. However, if the available features together with the low development cost suit you fine, then it can absolutely work for you.

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