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Software Project Rescue Services

Did your software project hit a brick wall?
We are here to help.
Our top-rated software project rescue experts are ready to respond to any software crisis situation and get your project back on track in three steps.

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Poorly developed or failed software projects happen quite often, with both startups and established companies. If you feel your software project is moving in the wrong direction or getting derailed, avoid making rash decisions. Your time, effort, and money are not wasted. Most software projects can be put back on track.

Signs your project is in trouble. You need rescue software experts NOW:

  • software project rescue
    Deliveries behind

    Your project’s development team keeps breaking the promised timeline. It misses every Sprint deadline.

  • rescue software
    Regular budget

    Each milestone costs you more than agreed. You confront costs previously neither discussed nor listed.

  • budget overruns
    Low-quality source

    You see endless bug reports; software keeps freezing or crashing. It’s not stable enough to show to investors or end users.

  • source code

    The development team neither understands your vision nor your requirements. Features do not work as you expect.

  • broken communication

    You confront constant churn on your project. You can’t access task statuses or regular reports.

Does any of that sound like your project?

Stop further losses and unending stress. Start software project rescue today.

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Regain control over product development in three steps

Have you spent your budget on a custom software solution but it doesn’t work yet? Don’t panic. IT Craft developers carry out rescue software to get your project working:

  • transparency


  • IT Craft clutch reviews


  • customer reviews

    Further development

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First, the team audits and assesses the current state of your project, reviews documentation and source code.

The result? We determine the critical pain points negatively impacting your system and plan top-priority actions for software project rescue.

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Second, we stabilize your system: IT Craft’s rescue team implements listed points of the action plan based on set priorities.

The result? We address all critical pain points. The system works; it’s stable.

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Further development

Third, we add missing functionality to your now-stable system and launch it.

Why are we confident in our software project rescue services?

With our “going-the-extra-mile” approach to software project rescue, IT Craft developers ensure that you, our client, get your project delivered and launched. You can always count on our software project rescue services.

  • Immediate start

    With 300+ software engineers, we assign a team that can start software project rescue immediately.

  • One-stop-shop approach

    We have everything and everyone to accomplish a successful software project rescue. All specific expertise is included (Business Analysis, UX/US design, development, testing, DevOps, optimization, etc.) No exceptions.

  • Diverse set of troubleshooting skills

    During our 20+ years in business, we’ve successfully assisted many different types of requests on project rescue. Our troubleshooting expertise efficiently and effectively addresses critical situations.