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Custom Software
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IT Craft creates digital solutions of any complexity tailored to each client’s needs.

Top-Quality Custom Application Development Services with unique development approach to every business, every case.

IT CRAFT is a boutique outsourcing company offering a full range of custom software development services for a wide variety of verticals and business domains.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we will be happy to assist you at any and every stage of the software development life cycle.

Why custom software development?

  1. For established businessesSave on business process automation When a company grows, many of its processes that were previously simply manageable, consume too much effort from employees’ side. Also, custom web apps help connect remote teams working in the fields with the back office and much more.
  2. For StartupsCreate an MVP as soon as possible For startup development, timeline is crucial: startups must get to the market as soon as possible to prove the idea and get customer feedback. With custom software development, they concentrate on the most important things: market, target audience, pricing models while being freed from technical hassles of software implementation.
  3. Software development rates In the long run, the cost of custom software development per hour is lower than the hourly cost of hiring, schooling, insurance etc. for a new worker which makes lower costs for running your business your competitive advantage.
  4. Remote team possible To get a custom web or mobile app, you do not have to keep an in-house team. You can outsource software development and still get excellent result. It makes no difference whether your order custom software development in NYC, Houston, Brisbane, or wherever. You can contract custom software development to an outside firm to hire a remote development team to play on your side.

Unique approach

Treating every new project with a beginner’s mindset. We focus on your goals, not on software design patterns.


Not sticking to any particular technology or company size. When a better option for your project or budget is available, we choose it.

Code quality

Writing readable and easily maintainable solutions—keeping in mind other programmers will work with it after we finish.

Our Solutions
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Software for Business
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Custom Healthcare Solutions
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Custom Solutions for Logistics
Outdoor Navigation.
Custom Mapping Solutions.
Augmented Reality








This is how IT Craft serves you:

Helps you focus on your core business

Too often the in-house team must focus on bringing in revenue right now or getting stuck in endless iterations leaving little time for new projects. With our development team, you discuss the project scope, timeline and budget, and start your project with no large investments required.

Offering full-cycle

We provide you with all development activities from documentation through coding to going live to post-release support enabling you to save on both project development and management. Also, no need to worry about your project’s progress: you always know it from the project manager.

Offering the best digital experience for your clientele

Today, going digital is a must for every business. Here comes the challenge: your customers use several devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets, digital kiosks, etc.) when reaching you. Those who offer seamless omni-channel digital experience win. We always advise you on your best options to turn your vision into software, integrate with an existing system and keep it up-to-date.

Easy customization

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