Web application for US Cars Trade

US Cars Trade is an online marketplace providing access to 6.5 million cars.

  • Duration 2020 – ongoing
  • Team 6 members
  • Industry E-commerce
  • Platforms Web

Project idea

Build a turnkey solution where users can purchase a US car at no risk and get it delivered to the EU. The client covers all steps such as car examination, purchase, and delivery to the end customer. Software calculates optimum logistics from a seller to purchaser. Purchasers see all purchase-related costs upfront.

Target audience

This website serves people who want a truly American car. The catalog contains over 6.5 million items, including both extremely popular and expensive, rare models. For sellers, the website provides a wide, engaged audience of US car fans.


  • Client solution, implemented as an SPA, remains highly visible for search engines and ranks high in search results.
    The project contained a large scope of work and a limited budget.
  • Cost calculator is based on a custom algorithm in order to determine precisely user expenses.
    Software must successfully support growth of user base.



The client initially had:

  • Legacy website
  • Large scope
  • Limited budget


Our team:

  • Prepared a set of requirements
  • Mapped out a development plan
  • Decided on implementation and technologies


Our work resulted in:

  • an MVP launch on budget
  • Robust software architecture
  • Custom algorithms for cost calculations and route planning
  • Highly scalable infrastructure


Decreased deal closing time

System generates offers and closes deals automatically.

Support across several locations

The service targets several countries (with main focus on Germany and Switzerland.)


Client solution determines and displays all purchase-related information and costs immediately. No hidden fees.

Antibot/anti scrap system

A complex system applies to protect software against DDoS attacks and malicious activities.

Main project

Risk-free trades

The platform provides an opportunity to buy a car directly from a seller without any middle layer between parties. Still, buyers can apply to the client company’s
services. The client takes care of the entire purchase and delivery process, from inspection to shipment and registration.



Users benefit from a detailed search system. They can browse through the entire catalog or limit search results to main categories. Those include new, used, and classic. Both fast and advanced search are available in a click.



Custom purchase calculator contains several items. It helps users determine total purchase, delivery, and registration costs. Custom duties and taxes are separate line items on the list.


Delivery logistics

A custom-built algorithm takes into account geolocation parameters and coordinates.
It calculates optimum delivery route from the US/Canadian seller to a German seaport
and then to the destination point.

Costs are based on optimum sea route from the US dealer to a German port and then to
user location.


Dynamic language support

Users can switch the language without reloading the entire page. User information is saved.


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Project timeline

  • Timeline

    2020 – ongoing


The MVP version of the service was launched on time and within budget limits. The team enhanced website security protecting it from spam and scrappers. The team adds required functionality and ensures software scaling.


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    PHP 7.4

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    Symfony 4.4 LTS

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