Today we are going to talk about the most important things that you absolutely must take into account when considering a web project or a mobile application development. At a first glance, what could be easier? All you’ve got to do is hire web or mobile application developers for the job. However, there is a number of details that should be considered before the development stage starts.

We are not trying to give you a regular checklist. This is rather a list of questions you should answer. By answering them, you’ll make the website development process easier and get a high quality project.

Question 1.What are project objectives?

Building a site/mobile app just for the sake of having one is a waste of money. It’s important for every software development project to have objectives. Make sure you give clear answers to the questions:

  • Why do I need the project? (to increase sales, for PR, for the sake of doing one)

  • Who (or what) is the project meant for?(People, reports, yourself)

  • Who are the prospective site visitors/application users? (target group?)

  • What do I expect to get from the project?(sales and/or popularity growth, improved business communication)

  • What functionality is needed to accomplish the project objectives?(for example, catalog, buyer’s account, shopping cart, payment systems)

Question 2. What are effectiveness metrics?

When you’ve defined your objectives, you must record the metrics to evaluate project effectiveness. Here’s the checklist to define the metrics:

  • What traffic volume do I want to get? (matters for content projects)

  • How many queries do I need to get daily? (matters for commercial projects)

  • What’s an average check amount that will lead to return on investment?

  • How many calls from prospective clients do I need daily?

  • What’s the expected ROI?

Question 3. What is the market situation?

It’s no less important to understand the demand for the service, who your competitors are, and other things. It’s not enough to create a website or a mobile app. It’s important to be acutely aware of how competitive the market in your industry is, whether the demand for your goods/services is already shaped. So, we recommend you think over the questions below:

  • Who are my offline competitors?

  • Who is in the top by search queries that are essential to me?

  • What’s the online demand for my service?

  • Am I ready to supply high demand?

  • How much am I ready to spend on sales promotion?

Question 4. What about the content?

And now to the most important part. Great pictures and texts can enhance your site tremendously; however, they might just as well ruin it, even if it’s perfectly designed, laid out and programmed. Content is the name of the game, that’s why you should answer the questions:

  • Do I have high quality photos of my goods/services? If not, where am I going to get them?

  • Do I have the goods, services, company descriptions? You should never take already existing texts from competitors’ websites, not on your life!

  • What’s my content budget? (For example, high quality texts that sell definitely cannot be cheap)

Question 5. What contractor should I choose?

A high quality project must be done by a team. That’s essential. Before choosing a contractor, check:

  • what kind of reputation, customers, portfolio the company has;

  • whether they offer complex online business development solutions;

  • whether the company takes care about ‘educating’ the market (corporate blog, webinars, books, participation in seminars and conferences);

  • which of the team members will work on your project and what their level is;

  • how much time they will work on your project;

  • what the cost of the company’s services is;

  • whether it’s possible to entrust them with promotion and further development of the project.

As you can see, before you set about creating a web project [or a mobile application], you should think over quite a number of things and give extremely accurate answers to several questions to Ukraine software development company . The time you spend on it will pay off in spades because that way you’ll avoid many mistakes that can do harm to your project. Remember that one who asks the right questions, has many advantages.