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roseIn the era of great geographical discoveries, those adventurous men had much less information on our planet than Internet users today.

How different our history would have been if Columbus had access to Google Maps!

The world is at our fingertips thanks to such technical advances like GPS, 3G and 4G networks for data transfer, precise satellite maps and panoramas of different corners of the world at our disposal now.

Keep up to date! Stay current with the newest tools to develop your business, to travel, find friends. Discover the world professionally!

Columbus would have asked you about this)

What we suggest:

  • Integration with the leading map services (Google Maps, OpenStreet Maps, Bing, etc.)
  • Integration with 3rd-party services to get data on traffic and to allow navigation
  • Customizing maps, creating custom map layers, drawing custom objects on the map layer
  • Location data collecting and visualizing on the map (including statistics)
  • Positioning, checking functions acting with the help of GPS, Wi-Fi networks, 3G networks, 4G LTE
  • Route planning, plotting and tracking
  • Integration with 3rd party applications and tools (social networks, enterprise applications and intranets, web services, etc.)
  • For different devices: iOS and Apple Watch, Android and Android Wear, Web and desktop


Custom mapping solutions can be used by:

Mapping Solutions

    • tourists
    • athletes
    • pilots
    • drivers
    • rescue teams and authorities
    • field service providers
    • scientists
    • enterprises and organizations
    • and you!


How it works?

Our projects

  • SaaS Solution for Flight Planning

Where Does Map Come From?

Source 1: Satellite images

Source 2: Aerophotography