Custom software solution for eLaundry

eLaundry is an on-demand CRM software providing laundry services to commercial customers in NYC.

  • Duration 2014 – ongoing
  • Team 7
  • Type On-demand, CRM
  • Industry Laundry management services
  • Platforms Web

Project idea

The main idea behind this CRM system is making all processes automatic and transparent. The system processes all steps of doing laundry, including scheduling, order pickup, rates and costs for services, driver routes, and more.

Target audience

Initially, the system was launched to offer on-demand laundry service to regular customers in Manhattan. Then, more and more businesses such as restaurants, cafés, and hotels started to apply for laundry services. The client decided to rework the system focusing specifically on their needs entirely.


The team helps build and maintain a complete, all-encompassing system that enables the business owner to understand and manage complex business processes precisely.

Core Tech

  • AngularJS


  • Unreal Engine


  • .NET 5


  • .NET Core 2.1

    MySQL 5.7

Project challenges

  • The team faced a challenge in implementing a complete business automation system that included management and administration tools, from the marketing process to managing resources and production processes.
  • The system coordinates efforts of all departments involved in laundry. It processes dozens of parameters making sense of data in real time and sending immediate alerts and notifications to responsible managers.
  • The business process automation was supplied with monitoring tools granting client access to the status of his business at any time.
  • Pivoting the solution for the business needs meant an in-depth understanding of all details. This was the key element to providing a proper cost-effective solution.
  • Strict control at every stage of order processing was mandatory to prevent any orders from slipping through the cracks.



The client initially had:

  • An incomplete system for laundry management.
  • A list of requirements for the system.
  • Later, he aimed to pivot to B2B services when the interest grew.


Our team:

  • Started with a pilot project of small enhancements.
  • Provided all required integrations.
  • Laser-focused on business analysis via multiple video calls where the client showed internal processes. This enabled the team to learn the system inside out and provide the best implementation.
  • Expanded, maintained, and eventually completely reworked the system.


Our work resulted in:

  • Fixing, expanding, and finishing a custom-built, on-demand system.
  • Delivering a mobile app for drivers.
  • Automating client’s processes at scale.
  • Transforming the entire project and adjusting it to evolving business needs.

Business benefits

Full control over processes

The team transformed the client’s CRM into a system that provides full control over all business processes from one place.

Custom solution

The client is the only owner of the system. He can modify it depending on his needs and strategic decisions.

Laser-focused analytics

The system provides detailed analytics on the tiniest parameters making it possible to monitor any changes in all business processes.

App for drivers

Laundry Center drivers have a mobile app connected to the system. They are given the most efficient schedules and routes for pickups and deliveries.

Main project

Daily route planning system

A special board makes it possible to manage all routes in progress, including both laundry pickup and delivery. The board displays over 30 parameters online, including alerts and notifications.


Driver control system

Managers control driver-related parameters such as starting/finishing work day, breaks, taken day offs, and more. This helps detect any changes in productivity that can affect business effectiveness.


Control system for all employees engaged in the laundry cycle

The system coordinates over 10 departments, and 200+ employees. The system allows to prepare and track schedules online, control working time, make emergency replacements, send notifications in case of no-shows, record late arrivals and overtimes, and dozens of relevant parameters.


Business process monitoring

Over five online monitors help control business processes. They provide reports tracking over 100 metrics, from profit margins and laundry volumes to costs per hour for a pound of laundry. This makes it possible to track and affect all changes in the company’s business processes surgically and in the tiniest details.


Client statistics

The system controls about 50 client parameters, from laundry volumes with reference to every received and washed piece to earning metrics and planning.


Fleet management

The system controls essential vehicle parameters, including fuel, mileage, maintenance alerts, insurance, and more.


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Project timeline

  • Project timeline

    2014 – ongoing



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