Web app for Arctrieval Legal

Arctrieval Legal helps legal professionals manage medical and billing record requests.

  • Duration 2019 – ongoing
  • Team 9 members
  • Type Legal services
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Platforms Web

Project idea

When patients and their legal representatives file requests manually, mistakes happen; incomplete requests or lost data complicate and delay processes. With Arctrieval Legal, legal firms automate processes to send and receive requests to medical data providers for patient data related to a case or claim.

Target audience

Arctrieval Legal’s HIPAA-compliant application saves legal professionals’ time. Legal professionals and patients securely organize and manage requests and records.


The finished project is a success among its end users. Users love its well-thought-out functionality and friendly UX. The team keeps expanding the product based on user needs and feedback.

The finished project is a success among its end users. Users love its well-thought-out functionality and friendly UX. The team keeps expanding the product based on user needs and feedback.

Core Tech

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    Angular 8.2

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    ASP.NET Core 6.0

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Project challenges

  • Flexible subscription. Users can upgrade and downgrade subscription plans as many times as they want during a month. The team launched custom functionality to recalculate client funds to support this feature.
    Integration with mailing service. Hard-copy mailing provided challenges for the testing team. The team opted for a special HIPAA-compliant service provider that offers a test work mode. In test work mode, letters go through the same process but they are not physically created.
  • Sign functionality. The team improved the signing process. Initially, the user had to print, sign, and scan a document. Now, users can sign a document with their finger, mouse, or touchpad.
    Migration to a new production server. One-day migration to a new server in August 2020 improved scalability and expansion. The team stopped the app, transferred the database to a new server, and updated the server configuration. The work was successfully finished before business hours that day.



The client initially had:

  • a set of elaborate requirements
  • a clear vision of business goals
  • a friendly UX


Our team:

  • assigned an expert team to deliver an MVP
  • took over design, development, testing, and DevOps
  • focused on small maintenance and improvement tasks during pandemic time
  • increased pace of work with global recovery


Our work resulted in:

  • timely delivery of an MVP for a completely new product
  • integration of user feedback into releases
  • launch of new product functionality

Business benefits

HTML to PDF conversion

Customized PDF conversion meets documentation requirements set by legal firms and other legal structures.

Support for faxes

The team has developed and implemented a custom, error-free service for sending faxes.

Public API

Developers have launched an AIP for integrations with other products.

Process automation

The system sends automatically inquiries, notifications, and follow-up letters via fax or email.

Main project

Improved process

Users can create an error-request for all required information in an appropriate format. They can easily send an email, a fax, or mail a hard copy. A notification system sends a reminder if a medical provider has not responded in a timely manner.


Secure workflow

To send a request, users must first set up an account in the system. After the users activate their accounts, they can add patients. Users create intake forms for patients and obtain key data (digital sign, ID copy, etc.) that permits them to make requests for their clients.


Request autogeneration

Users input essential information about the organizations to which they are directing their requests. The system automatically generates requests. It sends follow-up letters at regular intervals until requested documents arrive.


24/7 access to information

This way, patients and their representatives retrieve essential information, such as treatment costs, payments, treatment process, and more. This information is certified and can be used in court.


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Project timeline

  • first release

    2019 – 2020

  • second release

    2021 – ongoing


Front end

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Back end

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    MS SQL

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    ASP.NET Core 6.0

Third-party services

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    HTML to PDF

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our clients say


Jared Vishney, Founder

“My firm, Arctrieval, has worked with IT Craft for over a decade using their full-stack software development services for two different SaaS products. We built a deep relationship with IT Craft because their teams are talented, professional, cost-effective, and deliver a high-quality work product. In addition, they are very good at communication, meeting project deadlines, and are flexible in resolving issues that may arise as part of a development project.

Although IT Craft is an outsourced software development firm, we consider them an integral part of our development team. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to extend their existing development resources or startups needing to build their minimum "lovable" product.”