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Angular Development Services

With Angular, you get a powerful core for your app. Angular provides both a toolset and architecture for single-page web applications (SPA).
Angular is a perfect fit when you want both design and development to start almost simultaneously and also to make your app available across different platforms.

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What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source framework (not a library!) that uses MVVM pattern as a basis for dynamic single-page web applications. Created by Google and backed by a large community, Angular is centered on delivering a perfect dynamic user experience. With Angular’s help, developers can launch apps on any level of complexity and easily maintain them.

Why do developers care about using Angular?

Performance – Achieve maximum speed on a web platform.

Typescript – Produce clean, readable source code that others can use with minimal study of documentation and codebase.

Templates – Create User Interface easily leveraging from robust template syntax.

MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) – Make changes to User Interface without having to refactor app logic each time changes occur.

Cross-platform – Reuse most of the app source code through major cross-platform development tools such as Cordova, Ionic and NativeScript.

Exactly what the modern IT world is looking for.

Web app with Angular

Benefits of using Angular on a project

Angular provides a comprehensive, fully integrated toolset for both UI and service layer, so development team can start web development quickly. This is what you get when requesting to have developers use Angular app development:

Boosted development cycle

Angular provides a coherent app structure and a set of ready-to-use components, thus dramatically shortening the development timeline and implementing updates more quickly to the source code. Angular leaves no room for bugs due to two-way data binding and dependency injection.


Angular’s modular-based, clear structure makes it possible to create a visual model of products faster and cheaper. Components can easily be decoupled and new elements added.

Progressive Web Apps

Angular makes it possible to deliver app-like experiences: websites can be ready to work offline with no installation. At the same time, progressive web apps deliver high-level user experience.

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Why hire Angular developers at IT Craft?

Angular is just a tool—an awesome tool, but still just a tool. You need someone who knows how to use the tool with maximum effectiveness to help save time and cost throughout the whole app development cycle and then on mandatory app maintenance.

This is where IT Craft developers excel in helping you:

Detailed reports – You get a detailed report together with results after each sprint ensuring you always know what you are paying for.

Budget-based development – We strive to find a solution that always saves you money. When there is a framework or third-party component that simplifies the development process, we use it. What else do we do for you? You benefit from custom component development s and save on subscriptions.

Availability – No project is successful without proper communication. We are always open for dialogue and happy to discuss any expectations and concerns. If there is something impossible or lacking benefit on a project, we will tell you honestly and offer you an alternative roadmap.

Support – We stay around after your project launches and help you with any issues that might occur. Some problems appear only when a product is used by its target audience. This is where help you for free during the warranty period.

We’ve got you covered.

Boosted development cycle with angular


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