Adorama – one of the biggest established photography and video retailers worldwide and our long-term clients – has opened a new portal into the ultimate drone experience.

Adorama’s digital hub offers several drone models based on user experience (beginner, intermediate and professional/advanced user) and accumulates practical information drone pilots need to know, including a buyer’s guide, flight regulations, top tips from experts, high-resolution photos, and videos, reviews and tutorials. Also, the new hub contains astonishing footage and images to show visitors how the world looks from a drone’s perspective.

Adorama believes that drones are a growing trend and drone photographs will gain popularity over time. However, flying drones safely and successfully presents many challenges. As a long-standing authority in the field of photo-shooting, photo and video equipment, Adorama helps buyers make the right choice, learn to fly drones with due care and caution, and still have a wonderful experience.

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