WordPress Development for Samadhi Eco Resort

Samadhi Eco Resort is a Chilean eco-responsible hotel.

  • Duration 1 month
  • Team 3 members
  • Type Company Website
  • Industry Tourism and Hospitality
  • Platforms Web

Project idea

Samadhi Eco Resort is an award-winning, eco-friendly hotel. Its owner wants to streamline the visitor experience by providing information and services via an attractive, intuitive website. For it, the owner has applied a cost-effective WordPress development package.

Target audience

The hotel targets responsible travelers who seek a sustainable vacation with zero impact on nature. High-resolution images and videos ensure visitors are completely aware of what value they get for their money.


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    Team members

The IT Craft has met the client's project time and budget expectations. The team has launched a custom, appealing website where travelers can check accommodations, prices, and available amenities and make a reservation via a third-party service.

Core Tech

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Project challenges

  • Project requirements were changed and supplemented, which always presents challenges for fixed-price projects.
    Integrations of third-party services presented challenges due to a short project timeline.
  • The website contains multiple videos and images, presenting challenges to website performance.
    The website theme was adjusted to match the client’s brand book and identity.


The client initially had:

  • An idea of a website
  • Completed analysis of competitors
  • The main part of website content


The team:

  • Helped the client refine project structure
  • Selected the best-fit WordPress theme and adapted it to the client brand book
  • Integrated envisioned third-party services

Our work resulted in:

Our work resulted in:

  • Timely website launch
  • Preparation of website infrastructure (deployment, server, and certificates setting)
  • Adjustment and optimization to mobile devices
  • The website structure is ready for future expansion

Business benefits

WordPress package

By opting for a WordPress package, the client has received a clear picture of website costs and project scope upfront.


The team tuned the website theme, enhancing performance on both desktops and mobile devices. 


Using multiple plugins (booking, analytics, updates on social networks, etc.) has enabled the team to meet project limits and ensure quality. 

Long-term plans

The team has built the website structure and set up multiple pages, which the client will fill in with the content, saving time on updates.  

Main project features


Two accommodation types are available: rooms from repurposed concrete tubes and recycled container cabins. Both provide a significant level of glazing, offering a spectacular view of the forest and volcanoes Llaima and Villarrica.


Activities and events

Guests can check this section for extra activities such as hiking and walking tours, retreats, and more. They can book activities at an additional charge. The restaurant is available for those who are not ready to cook on their own.


Book now

A button lands website visitors on the WuBook platform, where visitors can select a specific room, stay dates, and add catering. They book safely using the platform.


Multilanguage support

The website supports three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese, ensuring visitors from both North and South America find all required information in their native language.


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Project timeline

  • Project timeline

    1 month


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Back end

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