ASAP Inc., one of our successful digital start-up clients, was the official sponsor for Sydney’s Coffee Tasting event held on the 7th of August in Australia.

The event was hosted at Brewristas, an avant-garde specialty café located in the heart of Sydney.

The founders of Brewristas showed and trained participants on the proper coffee-tasting procedure. This coffee-tasting process is known as Coffee Cupping in the industry.

This is how you do it:

deeply inhale coffee’s aroma
slurp the coffee spreading it over the back of your tongue for a clearer / cleaner taste.

This way, tasters can feel the following gradations: body of taste (including oiliness), sweetness, acidity, flavor and aftertaste. By capturing the inherent coffee flavor, it is even possible to identify from which region the coffee originates.

At the event, participants were encouraged to try several coffee brands. Each participant was presented with 6-10 cups fashioned in the shape of a triangular with samples ranging from green to roasted coffee at the top.

Besides the great coffee brands, the event participants could try other great things, including the iCafe App developed by ASAP Inc.

iCafe is an intuitive cafe menu designed for cafés and their customers. It integrates a virtual coffee card within its POS ecosystem. Based on iBeacon technology, its virtual coffee card can automatically pop up on the user’s iPhone screen when approaching a café.

This is not the end.

Check out our interview with Wayne, one of the ASAP Inc. co-founders, where he shares his receipt for startup’s success.