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Very happy with the work by the team. You get out what you put in, and if you don’t put in the effort to communicate well, you’ll run into problems, regardless of who you work with.

Jeff Soukotta, Canada

Chris Scheid, Owner

I have worked with Kate, Lesia, Alexey & co. for six months on a very complex system for web + mobile assault alarms. They have impressed me with their can-do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for the good of the project.

Morten Øverbye, Norway

What a great company to take on this project for us! We knew it was a big and complicated project from the start but the IT Craft team ensured everything was delivered as per the requirements and on time. Highly recommended!


Client Video Testimonials


All in all, I have to say the Agile approach of IT Craft to develop the app is just meeting our needs perfectly to scale the product in just the best possible way.

Martin Berg, Co-founder


The MDVISIT product team has worked with many outsourced development teams over the yesars. IT Craft have been the most professional and the most effective outsourced team that we worked with.

Paul Hodge, Co-Founder at MDVISITONLINE

Laundry Service

The whole team is much dedicated to the work which is something you can’t get at a lot of other software companies. There is a 100% transparency in the company which I love because I like to always know what’s going on.

Charles Sakkal, Websters Laundry, USA

Shimano Global app

The best part in working with IT Craft for us was that they treat the projects as their own. They don’t just blindly do what they’re required to do but actually make suggestions. They can identify possible problems and they will never stop doing updates until they are sure everything works properly.

Dmitry Kharchenko, Co-founder


I love it… If I have a problem they will respond within minutes and they’re always honest about their ability to solve a problem and the time they need to do it. I think this makes them really professional and trustworthy.

Andi F., Switzerland

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