Marketplace for on-demand healthcare professionals

  • React
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • AWS

Company: Flexwise Health
Country: USA
Category: Healthcare, Marketplace
Release year – 2018

Flexwise - Marketplace for on-demand healthcare professionals

Project background

Flexwise provides a secure, trusted platform for medical institution administrators and nursing professionals. The former to hire and oversee temporary employees; the latter to control their chosen workplace, schedule, and workload.

Medical facilities, such as hospitals and clinics, join Flexwise to post temporary jobs and get access to Flex Pool—selected, pre-qualified nursing professionals. The Flex Pool idea dramatically decreases the time it takes to fill a temporary position at a facility. Decreasing recruitment time decreases costs.

Flexwise software supports the entire essential workflow to recruit, manage, and pay temporary nursing professionals. All online.

IT Craft’s client had two main goals for Flexwise: 1) develop a practical system to simplify the process of hiring nurses and 2) help nurses manage their work schedules to better suit their needs. And, our client wanted to develop an MVP within a short period of time. IT Craft assigned a team of six professionals.

Example of running Flexwise in medical insitutions - 2

For medical institutions

Flexwise employs only nursing professionals allowing the facility to avoid any employment risk.

Flexwise provides employment basing on daily shifts streamlining the process of hiring part-time working professionals.

Example of running Flexwise in medical insitutions - 3

Unlike a traditional staffing company, Flexwise makes it possible for medical facility administrations to directly engage part-time workers, negotiate price, schedule, get in touch fast through chat messaging, and view online reviews—all without any intervention from recruiters.

Flexwise allows administration of healthcare facilities to designate and create talent pools (called “Flex Pools”). Nursing professionals can apply; once accepted, can take jobs immediately. This eliminates the need to apply for individual jobs every time. A Flex Pool is just another way of describing professionals who have pre-qualified for working at a specific facility (usually in a specific unit of the facility).

Example of running Flexwise in medical insitutions - 4
Example of running Flexwise in medical insitutions - 1

For professionals

Unlike a typical healthcare marketplace, Flexwise employs only professional nurses. Nurses who sign up for Flexwise go through extensive profile and credentials onboarding workflow and apply to be included in “flex pools” for specific facilities. After qualified nursing professionals have been added to a flex pool, they can be hired quickly and efficiently. They can be re-hired when need for a temporary nurse professional arises.

At the end of each shift, the nursing professional submits a timesheet. The relevant facility manager approves the timesheet. Flexwise pays the nursing professional.


Main features for professionals:


discover benefits of subscribing to Flex through online or offline advertising

Sign up & Account

answer a few basic questions about what kind of nurses they are (called “discipline”), add main information such as name, location, and email address


complete an extended profile. The purpose of this profiling allows Flex to better match them with openings (and flex pools)

Apply for Flex Pools

get to the special pools

Opening Notifications to Professionals

receive notifications of new assignment opportunities and respond (apply, accept, decline, submit, send message to facility)


complete an orientation process at a new facility (if it’s the first time working there) for the first assignment


view, update, and edit monthly or weekly calendar to display professionals’ availability


get in touch with the facility for further details

Virtual Timeclock

use app and department’s specific QR Code for Clock In/Clock Out records

Main features for facilities managers:

Sign up

create a profile of a facility in the system

Advanced setup

fill in extended information about medical facility

Create profiles

create separate profiles for single units inside a facility, if needed

Create a flex pool

establish a new pool from selected professionals noting their names and units where they are supposed to work

Create an opening

use this option to post job openings referring to Flex pool, location, specialty, job titles, dates, shifts, rates, etc

Select professional(s)

choose the best-suited professional(s)

Assign awards

assign rewards for top performers

Calendar and chat

get in touch with professionals and manage activities

Virtual Timeclock

supervisors verify and approve professionals’ time based on records kept by Flexwise



  • React 16 + Redux
  • Material UI


  • TypeScript
  • Node.js Web API + Express
  • NestJS
  • MongoDB + Mongoose


  • Chai
  • Mocha
  • Nock
  • Swagger


  • AWS EC2 Servers + Docker
  • AWS S3
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS CloudFront
  • Jenkins
  • Elasticsearch
  • GitHub

Engineering Challenges and Wins

1Back in the early days, the project had started as a monolithic app, but the development team broke it down into a microservices architecture. All communication between microservices is unified and standardized with help from Swagger.

2Dockerization, deployment automation for all the environments, and automated tests made it possible to significantly reduce deployment time and increase quality.

3Elasticsearch selected as a more powerful search tool for finding and matching candidates.

Medical Engineer in Healthcare Industry

4Component-based architecture made it easier when it came to global redesign of the website.

5Storybook made developing of UI components more efficient and communication with the design team more structured.

6Through Virtual Clock, Flexwise records time, and geolocation of the professional for verification. Upon changing department, they only need to scan the new department’s QR Code. If professionals work overtime, they send an email to their supervisor. The supervisor can approve extra time without logging into Flexwise.

Photo from Flexwise Marketplace

Team and duration

Time: 2018 – ongoing

Team included: 1 Scrum master, 3 back-end developers, 2 front-end developers, 1 HTML/CSS developer, 2 manual QAs, 1 automation QA, 1 DevOps.

Average monthly workload around 1,600 working hours.

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